Streamyard #210 16th Jan ’23 6pm PT

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news and questions from the founder Geige Vandentop & Dan Briggs, of Streamyard, at their weekly Town Hall


Every Sunday 6pm PT


  1. Ease of use
  2. Stability
  3. Professional streams!



FUN FACT : Fav type of exercise?

  • Geige :  Should do more – but love walking – where I can listen to music / podcasts!
  • Dan:  Growing up was hockey – and still is now! Or weights in the Gym – body weight exercises! 

Local Recording Integration / Export + On Air Thumbnails

  • When exporting audio you now have options to have a project file for Premiere / Final Cut with all clips lined up
  • When sharing On-Air to social platforms, you now have thumbnails you can upload that should show for this sharing

Snap Camera is going away!

  • Officially after jan 25th Snap Camera is going away 
  • Is this a BIG loss for you? 
  • How many of you are using this? 
  • How important are filter for you? 
  • Obviously you have custom backgrounds in Streamyard 

Do you have any streaming goals for 2023? 

  • For Streamyard – To finally hit 100k subscriber mark on YouTube?
  • What are yours? 


Is there a way to set outro video where stream ends? 

  • You can set thumbnail & play outro 
  • Each platform ends slightly differently 
  • This should mean you get similar end to all platforms if you leave slide for 5 seconds at the end 

Any update on embedding On-Air chat? 

  • Definitely a high priority to do that
  • Team are working on this 
  • Not sure release date – but in progress at the moment 

Starting at Square 1 – Where do I start? 

  • Go to and sign up for FREE plan and try a record only / unlisted livestream to get experience using Streamyard
  • When you sign up – you will also get video explainer
  • You can check out more videos on the Streamyard YouTube :


Can you have closed captions in Streamyard? 

  • Do you mean ‘burned in’ captions that appear on the video? 
  • What exactly did you mean here as each platform creates captions – are they not good enough? 
  • If pre-recorded you can add them burned into video ahead of time


Can you disable avatar for On-Air as they show on all comments taking unnecessary space? Or will you be adding avatars for guests? 

  • Definitely want to improve this 
  • Want to show the initials of the person
  • Maybe look at adding avatars as they join 
  • How would you like to see this? 

Could we have control to have GIF overlay when switching between each scene / overlay?

  •  We are working on customisations to the whole look and feel / run of show 
  • Stay tuned for that 


Can you livestream on Twitter?

  • Yes!
  • Sadly no chat on Twitter’s API 
  • Hoping they add this soon! 


Not loving FB events! Can we change back? 

  • Sadly Facebook Events is on their end 
  • We don’t get to change this back 
  • Facebook creates an event under all circumstances for livestreams now 


Do you have plans for transitions for overlays?

  • We added this for videos recently
  • We have considered for overlays as well 
  • Always consider adding too many features settings – baring in mind ‘ease of use’ pillar 
  • Might change it to work like that rather than settings – open to feedback


Who can I speak to about partner / collaborators opportunities? 

  • Great to hear you want to work together!
  • Email // 


When do you think we will get synced download for DaVinci Resolve 

  • We hope to have more options like this soon 
  • We are looking to have aligned clips for all editors, not specific to programme
  • When this is out would love to know if that resolves this for you 


Can we change On-Air thumbnail to be custom? We are using for events not webinars? 

  • Can upload anything you like as thumbnail 
  • Guessing we are using ‘Webinar’ in the copy somewhere 
  • Will look to do adapt this to make sense for different usage cases 
  • Looking at more customisation for the registration process so it makes sense to all the individual usage cases
  • Great feedback 


Is local recording turned on automatically? If not can it be made obvious to turn on before going live? 

  • No on by Default 
  • Once you set it first time it does for future broadcasts 
  • When setting up next streams should highlight the option for you 
  • Appreciate the feedback 


Could we get some analytics after stream?

  • Other than view count from each platform what else would you like to see? 
  • Can already get analytics from each platform – though can see benefit to seeing them all in one place! 


Sometimes it looks like SY might be missing comments from YouTube / Facebook 

  • Shouldn’t be common thing 
  • Might be filtered by platform if considered SPAM 


Is there a way to create live link, say the logo, to your website? 

  • Not possible right now on social platforms 
  • We are just sending the stream to platforms 
  • You could do this in description (at top) so it’s clickable link! 
  • Or you could add to chat from inside Streamyard studio? 
  • Can have banner to display on screen – though people would have to manually type this!
  • Could include QR Codes in the design of logo / overlays


3 People I referred to SY forgot to use my link? How do I contact partners programme? 

  • Easiest is to email 


Will there be more transitions for overlays? 

  • The team are working on a range of customisation features for Streamyard’s overlays  and how you move between scenes 
  • Excited to hear more when this rolls out 
  • What sort of transitions would you be interested in? Just fades or more than that? 
  • And how much would you like to be able to control the transitions? 


Are you like or connected to VidIQ

  • Very different 
  • VidIQ is chrome extension to analyse streams
  • Streamyard is for actually streaming





  • 2nd Thursday @  8PM ET 
    Streamyard Spotlight 
    Dana & Kelsey Bentz  – Reach out to be featured
  • SAT 1200 PST – Streamyard Live Stream Reviews
    with Dee Nimmin & Daniel Batal 2nd Saturday 
  • Last Tuesday of month with Nick Nimmin 
    Enhance your Live Streaming



WINNER :  CJ Marshall

DanGeige, JulieDana, Kelsey 



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