Streamyard #125 Sun 30th May 6pm PT

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news and questions from the founder Geige Vandentop & Dan Briggs, of Streamyard, at their weekly Town Hall


Every Sunday 6pm PT


  1. Ease of use
  2. Stability
  3. Professional streams!



Just a little fun fact section about jobs before joining Streamyard…

  • DAN – Mechanical engineer testing security cameras
  • Building tools to test them from all issues they may face
    • Put under water to test weather safety
    • Smashing it with weights etc
  • GEIGE – Design & work on wildlife detection systems in Northern BC Canada to detect Moose walking across the highway.
  • Triggered signs to warn drivers ahead of time

Internationalisation – Currently testing Spanish & Portuguese & more languages coming soon

  • You can join us in beta testing by emailing with  ‘Internationalization’ in subject line
  • Join the 50 or so people we have testing already 
  • Full app – so will help your guests too, includes Emails, instructions for guests etc 
  • Looking to make all of platform as accessible to everyone 
  • Shouts to Jorge & Chris who have been working hard on this! 

Thoughts on Stories & Shorts?

  • Curious how any of you are using them?
  • How are you finding them?
  • Do you use them much and separate to or in conjunction with your shows? 
  • How is it going for you to promote the LIVE shows ?

Audience Submissions? 

  • Do you collect info / questions before the broadcast ?
  • How many are incorporating this in broadcasts?
  • What tools and systems are you using for this? 
  • Do you do this entirely live or pre-broadcast as well? 

12 now in the engineering team working on Streamyard product!!




In stream yesterday my  mic audio was included but not my system audio – how can I include this? 

  • In studio settings you select your Cam & Mic  options
  • You will probably need to use virtual audio cable / mixer to achieve this 
  • Check the support for help doc on this…


Any chance you will add social graphics to banners (tickers) twitter, insta etc? 

  • Not sure we would add in banners / tickers 
  • Possibly look at adding more options on name tags
  • Curious to know why in banners not overlays


Is it possible to share clip-art pictures on the FREE Platform?

  • Couldn’t use overlays 
  • You could use screen share to cycle through images // word or wherever you are hosting clip art pictures


Would be nice to allow multiple cameras for showing face cam as well as an overhead shot. Know there is workaround with a second browser. 

  • Know it’s possible with multiple browsers 
  • Better tool is the Atem mini allows multiple cameras from one camera – but pricey 
  • We will look to improve this over time, like to keep as simple as possible


Any plans for audio meters in this studio

  • Giving better feedback in studio is priority
  • You can adjust audio for guests in the studio now, but appreciate the importance of knowing what sound going out is like


Is there any way to find background or overlay dimensions so we can customize easier? 

  • In help docs : – type in overlay dimensions
  • Basic in tools tips section of studio

Any way to reorder overlays and video and to bulk upload / delete?  

  • These are both on the road map

Please make it better to hover over a comment. outline vs unreadable

  • We might change transparency at some point
  • It’s battle between making super usable and discoverable for new users and for more advanced users

Request to be able to talk to guests in green room to check audio before going live with them…

  • It’s something being thought and worked through 

I’m almost always using my laptop through phone hotspot while streaming, want to upgrade my camera, but would that put bigger strain on my hotspot connection? 

  • Depends on resolution you select 
  • You could capture at 1080 / 720 / 360 
  • We dynamically scale it down 
  • Worth noting that screen sharing and video playback will use considerably more bandwidth
  • More guests will sue more bandwidth


Any news on new ways to add co-host without sharing login? 

  • TEAMS PLAN is coming this summer 
  • This will allow for co-hosts & producers without shared logins 


Any plans adding analytics? 

  • Plan to add this soon post broadcast
  • Anything beyond viewers over time on each platform etc you want to see? 
  • eg : Words mentioned more than usual in the comments? 
  • We are working on this at the moment 

Would like to be able to move settings bar at bottom Possibly drag it left or right? 

  • We have considered making these section ‘pop out’ so you can move them to separate monitor if you are working on more screens? 

New features coming soon? 

  • Hotkeys – ability to bind actions to certain keys to make changes easier
  • Excited to share more with you what is coming over next few weeks
  • Engineering team is now 12 strong

Is there way to move logo from top right? 

  •  We like to keep it simple for new users 
  • You could use overlays to work around this


How many people are using Streamyard right now? How do you have enough bandwidth?

  • Fully cloud based 
  • We process in the cloud with big bandwidth from our service providers 
  • 1000s servers ingesting your streams and mixing them for you so you don;t need to 
  • GCP, AWS & Azure have huge fibre pipes all over for the bandwidth 
  • Total active 100,000’s monthly 
  • At any given time 1000’s at any given time


When did you launch Streamyard?

  • July 13 2018 


When will volume adjustments be in final not beta? 

  • Having any issues – should be close to leaving beta. 
  • Should be stable now 


Would you ever consider recording all cameras as well as the feeding pushed out too? Could be great for different re-edits post event?

  • We definitely are considering
  • Can see how useful this would be for repurposing 
  • Could create great resource for those doing high quality broadcasts


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  • MON 1400 PM ET Live Stream Impact with Julie Riley 
  • WED 8PM ET ET – Streamyard Spotlight Dana & Kelsey Bentz
  • FRIDAY [ Alternate Weeks  ]  
    1130-1200 ET – Coffee With Ducks (Meet The Team)
    1200-1300 ET – Learn With Streamyard 
  • SAT 1200 ET – Streamyard Live Stream Reviews with Christian Karasiewicz
  • OFFICE HOURS : Tuesday June 1st at 1100 ET
    [ Every 1st & 2nd Tuesday of the month





WINNER : Anthony H Brown

Dana Bentz

DanGeige, Julie, ChristianDana, Kelsey 



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