Streamyard #121 Sun 2nd May 6pm PT

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news and questions from the founder Geige Vandentop & Dan Briggs, of Streamyard, at their weekly Town Hall


Every Sunday 6pm PT


  1. Ease of use
  2. Stability
  3. Professional streams!




  • Now part of the Hopin suite of products 
  • Streamable is a video hosting solution – to store and play them back
  • Curious how many of you are using it? 

Giveaway Tool Feedback 

  • Can see your upcoming or LIVE broadcasts 
    • Now generally available at 
    • Select broadcast 
    • Set text to enter competition 
    • Click start collecting comments 
    • Tool will listen for these words across all social channels we receive comments for
    • Give this time to collect comments 
    • Click draw to randomly select a winner
    • Each person can only be entered once
      [ Duplicates removed ] 
    • Any platforms that require authentication – users ill have to allow permissions to be able to enter
    • Colours match your brand colours setup in your studio account 
    • Remember to screen share giveaway tool page so users can see the draw happening 
    • Click ‘DRAW’ 
    • Ability to run draw again in top right once it has selected a winner 
  • Would love your feedback on the tool 
  • How are you using it? 

Cohosting Features?

  • What would you like to see available by way of cohosting features? 
  • What do you want cohosts to be able to do? 
    • Ability to start broadcast? 
    • Ability to end broadcast? 
    • How much ability do you want them to do? 
    • What do you definitely want / not want them to be bale to do?

Facebook Groups Issues Resolved 

  • Facebook groups were cutting off for particular issues
  • Facebook has fixed this now 
  • Limited fix from our side as this was inside Facebook

VEDA – Video Every Day in April 

  • Did you take part?
  • What other challenges would you like to see? 
  • Be sure to join the Facebook community to be a part of these 

What changes would you like to see on the platforms? 

  • What features would you like to see on the platforms – Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc
  • We work closely with them so can feedback to them
  • Polling / Caption Options etc…? 


Any chance of uploading pictures to share in guest spot? 

  • Definitely a popular request 
  • We are working on something similar 

When will we be able to livestream to Instagram? 

  • No public API still as yet
  • We want to remain compliant with their policies
  • As soon as we can we will look at this

Can you add loops to uploaded featured videos for stinger etc? 

  • Curious to know usage case for this to be able to make decision and best build this if and when we do
  • Is this for taking break to loop over and over? 
  • Not as easy but could upload a GIF to loop if just a logo – for example? 

Can we see time remaining on video uploads 

  • We are looking at this to make it a better experience 
  • Certainly important to know when you are back live again

Can you are a few different transition requests? 

  • Thanks for the suggestion 
  • Open to this 
  • Curious to know more on what you are after exactly…
    • Between layouts?
    • With video overlays themselves? 

Is it possible to have these episodes with Spanish subtitles? 

  • Not sure on LIVE, but believe that we have them on replay on YouTube 
  • We will check on this

Feature request for giveaway tool…
Winner to be presented form to gather their details and sent to that streamers email?

  • Cool idea 
  • Viewers on social platform so not got emails currently
  • Love to look at changing to help this 

Been using giveaway tool – not every user has seen their name in the draw – why might this be? 

  • It randomly selects and shows them
  • Cycles through names
  • Privacy settings on LinkedIn & Facebook group need to grant permissions

Is there a way to share screen via mobile?

  • If you mean from desktop to share mobile screen then there are a range of tools you can use to share your mobile screen
  • However screen sharing is NOT supported on mobile Streamyard version 

Any info on timing of the Teams features release? 

  • Date not set
  • Early Summer

Would love to see GO LIVE button in different place than top right & sign out after livestream?

  • Curious why you want to sign out? Are you on someone else’s computer? 

Any plans to be able to cross fade between two cameras? 

  • Definitely a common request
  • Certainly open to 
  • No outline on what this would look like or dates on this

Have technical issues streaming to Facebook & YouTube this week been resolved and why does the “view this episode on Facebook” take us to a new place in Facebook? 

  • Yes this has been updated and fixed as was a Facebook issue
  • 4/5 months ago Facebook scheduling used to be single post which was the LIVE, now there is promo post & the actual LIVE which is different post
  • Not great experience, users need to refresh the page & Facebook are working on this 

Would be good to have private cohost chat from guests to resolve issues etc

  • Great idea that comes up a lot 
  • Like to work out elegant way to do this

Like to be able to remove guests from studio completely?

  • You can do this in tiles at the bottom 
  • “Kick from studio” 
  • “Ban from studio” – if you have authentication turned on 
  • With authentication on users have to log in with social channel to prove who they are so you can control their access 

Could we pin comments? 

  • Noted and something we are working on

Do you know how many people managed to successfully post a VEDA? 

  • Julie is managing this 
  • Got to check in how many took part in this Video Every Day In April 

Can we drag and organise overlays & video clips ? 

  • Watch this space
  • This is something coming very soon

Would love to see ticker line scroll left to right

  • We know this is important to some languages 
  • Better language support in the app coming relatively soon 
  • Not in the first iteration 

When adding a guest first guest loses solo view why is this? 

  • We had to consider our pillar around ease of use when making this choice 
  • If you added them and they didn’t appear anywhere it could be confusing 
  • Appreciate this could be issue for more advanced usage cases
  • Have considered allowing this as option 

Would be great to be able to redo my ‘Record Only’ videos without leaving the studio – is this possible? 

  • At this time not yet 
  • Can understand why you want this
  • Would be good to be able to pause and restart

Does Streamyard have a Check List for new users that could be shared in the Facebook group? 

  • We do have a guest instructions page linked to in. the studio 
  • There is a tutorial video on YouTube 
  • Maybe we should look at this for the group

Any visual templates for overlays ?

  • There is one I made a while back in Figma
  • This is linked in one of our earlier videos
  • Canva is a good resource for making these


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  • MON 1400 PM ET Live Stream Impact with Julie Riley 
  • WED 9PM ET ET – Streamyard Spotlight Dana & Kelsey Bentz
  • FRIDAY [ Alternate Weeks  ]  
    1130-1200 ET – Coffee With Ducks (Meet The Team)
    1200-1300 ET – Learn With Streamyard 
  • SAT 1200 ET – Streamyard Live Stream Reviews with Christian Karasiewicz





WINNER : Ike Indemne
Dana Bentz

DanGeige, DanielJulie, ChristianDana, Kelsey 



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