Streamyard #120 Sun 25th Apr 6pm PT

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news and questions from the founder Geige Vandentop & Dan Briggs, of Streamyard, at their weekly Town Hall


Every Sunday 6pm PT


  1. Ease of use
  2. Stability
  3. Professional streams!



Future Events

  • Lots of interest in different languages especially as we have an international audience with lots of Spanish speakers
  • What would you like to see from future events? 

Editing Process

  • Do you edit your live streams?
  • What software do you use? 
  • Can you share your process for editing? 
  • Love to hear how you are doing so we can look at ways to support this

BETA Group

  • Thanks to all who helped test the giveaway tool
  • Who would be interested in joining a Group?
  • We wouldn’t test ALL features but would love feedback on specific feature pre-roll out

Giveaway Tool 

  • Now publicly available 
  • You can access this NOW at
  • You can choose your phrase to enter giveaway
  • Entering phrase is case insensitive 
  • Works with all platforms that StreamYard has comment access for through the API 
  • Will pick up from comments that contain the phrase and other content  
  • Remember to screen share so people see the giveaway 
  • In Facebook groups – people need to grant permissions to be in competition 
  • Can use giveaway with scheduled & broadcasts that are live 
  • Can include comments before the show on platforms like Youtube, but not on Facebook because of how it schedules
  • Competition matches the brand colours of the broadcast 
  • Possible to win twice 
    You can win your own draw!
  • Tutorial on the page to show you how it all works

Advanced Features

  • What advance features you would like to see? 
  • We might be able to add more features in for those advanced users 
  • Could have tucked away under the hood / toggle on to  enable different things
  • As worked same way for a long time, people may not ask for certain things 


Audio Meters 
Pen / Drawing 

Facebook Groups 

  • In new Facebook Groups you create, need will need to ENABLE live streaming in them
  • More details next week
  • We will do walk through of this 


Can we get one button remove all guests? 

  • Great idea thanks for the suggestion 
  • Interested in use case and understanding best so we build the right thing

As the host can we share video from my computer if it is longer than the 5 minute limit for upload to Streamyard? 

  • Yes you can use any length as locally shared
  • Uploaded sharing is increased to 10 minutes in length 

Could you add sound effect as it selects a winner in giveaway tool? 

  • Love this idea
  • What sounds would you like to have? 
  • Would you like to be able to choose this sound effect, as everyone may like different sounds

Could there be greenroom for people to wait and talk before host arrives? 

  • Something we have been thinking about more after events we have run ourselves 
  • Definitely open to it
  • How would you want the green room to work? 
  • Would it be one big room? 
  • What features would you want to see

Can I share another video from my channel as screen share in broadcast?

  • Yes you can
  • Be careful of any copyright when sharing 
  • Totally possible

Any chance of full PiP when screen-share eg camera thumbnail in full screen-shared screen? 

  • Had a lot of requests for this
  • There is chance this is coming 
  • We want to keep simple 
  • May look to offer to substitute out the layouts one for another

Any plans to add more layouts ?

  • Considered options to substitute out layouts to suit you 
  • But also keeping ease of use 
  • Limited number of layouts, but allowing you to choose which you want available

Does Streamyard work fine for YouTube Members? 

  • YES
  • New members will show as unique comment
  • It tags name to show they are member
  • When showing their comment it will highlight they are a member 

How can we switch from Periscope from Twitter? 

  • Should still work 
  • There will be formal full switch 
  • There is a document on this in help section
  • Hoping Twitter will add more features 

Can we get way to multi select video / overlays in bulk to add / remove as one by one is time consuming?

  • Common pain point we hear
  • Something we can add without being in the way 
  • At some point soon – it’s being worked on and It will come!

What is expiry time for Password / Passcode for logging in to the studio? 

  • Codes themselves expire in 15 minutes 
  • Access expiry will be handled in Team Accounts roll out in the Summer release
  • If you need to log people out please contact support for this right now

When can we use Streamyard with Instagram? 

  • We would love to 
  • Not an open API as yet
  • Streaming anywhere but directly is against terms of service currently

Can we download the recordings immediately – as I often forget otherwise? 

  • We are looking at ways to ensure you don’t miss out on downloading…
  • Could look at email reminders maybe as quick solution
  • Possibly work on way to send them elsewhere

Do I have to be in the broadcast to launch the giveaway? 

  • Broadcasts has to be scheduled or LIVE 
  • Don’t need to be IN the broadcast 
  • Could run at any time & include comments before the broadcast 
  • If not in broadcast couldn’t share giveaway tool

Can we have way to end but keep recording, so we can talk / interview further in same stream / file? 

  • Coll suggestion 
  • Definitely an interesting idea

Is there a tutorial for the giveaway tool? 

If you are doing multiple giveaways – does the tool remove previous winner? 

  • Not in this version
  • We will make changes based on feedback 
  • You can also win your own competition 
  • Could be fun moment with your audience 




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  • MON 1400 PM ET Live Stream Impact with Julie Riley 
  • WED 9PM ET ET – Streamyard Spotlight Dana & Kelsey Bentz
  • FRIDAY [ Alternate Weeks  ]  
    1130-1200 ET – Coffee With Ducks (Meet The Team)
    1200-1300 ET – Learn With Streamyard 
  • SAT 1200 ET – Streamyard Live Stream Reviews with Christian Karasiewicz





Dana Bentz

DanGeige, DanielJulie, ChristianDana, Kelsey 



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