Streamyard #116 Sun 28th Mar 6pm PT

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news and questions from the founder Geige Vandentop & Dan Briggs, of Streamyard, at their weekly Town Hall
2 Founders Geige & Dan - Streamyard Town Hall 116


Every Sunday 6pm PT


  1. Ease of use
  2. Stability
  3. Professional streams!



3 Individual Audio Tracks - Streamyard Town Hall 116Individual Audio Tracks

  • Individual audio tracks shipped 10 days ago
  • Available on Pro Plan ONLY 
  • WAV file for each person in the stream 
  • Fixing the timing issue when slight timing mis-map
  • May add local recording in future

5 File Naming Feedback - Streamyard Town Hall 116Individual Audio File Track Naming 

  • Interested your thoughts on File Naming for individual audio tracks
  • How have you found the naming conventions if you have used it
  • Would love your feedback on this feature

APRIL 15th : Livestream Success Summit 

  • Let us know what you would like us to cover 
  • Looking forward to seeing you there

9 Periscope Twitter Update - Streamyard Town Hall 116Periscope / Twitter Updates 

  • No updates on this per se
  • Have been reassured by the team at Twitter that as Periscope is sunset this month all streaming APIs will migrate over to Twitter Live
  • No full list of features as yet
  • Streams should carry on as normal when Periscope closes it’s doors on 31st March 2021

10 Welcoming Neww Team - Streamyard Town Hall 116Welcome New Support Team Members in New York 

  • Ewurakua
  • Louie
  • Eddie

11 What are you most and least used features of Streamyard - Streamyard Town Hall 116What features do you use most / least & why? 

  • Team are interested to know what features you find most useful and can’t live without 
  • Also which features are you using least or don’t have much use for currently

How far ahead do you schedule your broadcasts?

  • Other than each platforms restrictions, how far ahead do you schedule?
  • Interested to hear how you are all using scheduling 

7 Can I Upgrade To Pro Anytime - Streamyard Town Hall 116

QUESTION : Can I Upgrade To Pro Plan Anytime? 

ANSWER : Yes you can, and all plans are billed Pro-Rata, so you wouldn’t get double billed 

8 Can You Add Ability To Reply To Comments - Streamyard Town Hall 116

QUESTION Can you add the ability to respond to Comments from within Streamyard? 

ANSWER  You can to most platforms by posting to from studio.
Can’t currently use ‘reply to’ function for threaded comments on platform 

12 Does Hopin support 1080p Streaming - Streamyard Town Hall 116

QUESTION : Does Hopin support 1080p Streaming? 
ANSWER : Yes the Hopin platform does support streaming in 1080p
13 Hotkey Streamdeck Integration - Streamyard Town Hall 116
QUESTION : Can we expect an announcement about the development of Hot Key support or Stream Deck support?
ANSWER : No dates, but this is a very popular and something we are looking into 
14 Phone in function for Streamyard - Streamyard Town Hall 116
QUESTION : Will you be working on a phone in function or which is a good one to use with Streamyard? 
You could also use RodeCaster & mix in the call to the audio – one of the simplest ways to do this. Could use VoiceMeeter or Loopback to do this for less . Christian has just also written a blog around this. So worth checking out the Streamyard Blog for more info on that.
15 Extend Hours Of Streaming For Free - Streamyard Town Hall 116
QUESTION : Do you plan to extend hours of streaming for FREE? 
ANSWER : We currently allow 20 hours for FREE, which should allow use of the product for a few shows every week, but it does cost to provide the service because of the cloud components. We set a limit without being restrictive. 
16 Queue up more than one share screen - Streamyard Town Hall 116
QUESTION / REQUEST : Would love the ability to queue up more than one share screen 
ANSWER : Noted for consideration & did you know you can queue up multiple local videos to share if that helps? 
17 Youtube Superchats - Streamyard Town Hall 116
QUESTION : Would like to see a better tool to manage superchats on YouTube 

ANSWER : We do surface them at the top, and distinct in the chat, so interested to hear more feedback on what you would like to see? 
18 How far out do you schedule broadcasts - Streamyard Town Hall 116

How far out do you schedule your broadcasts? 

  • We usually do day of the broadcast for Town Hall, but want to hear how you use
  • Some platforms have limits (Facebook 7 days // YouTube no real limits)
  • Do you do several weeks in advance? 

19 Auto speaker switching - Streamyard Town Hall 116

QUESTION / REQUEST : Can you create a way for the current speaker to be shown on screen without me having to switch it myself. 

ANSWER : Not had this request so much recently, but open to having a setting tucked away to enable auto-switching, however in our experience it is a little jarring the way it standardly works, and we are interested in providing the best experience for everyone. 

20 Mic for 3 users in the same room - Streamyard Town Hall 116

QUESTION : What is your suggestion for having three people speaking on stream in the same room? 

ANSWER : Could look at individual mics for each speaker & use a mixer. You could get an omni directional microphone. Or you could use three computers with one person on each. 

QUESTION : Any updates on streaming pre-recorded videos as LIVE? 

ANSWER : This is something we are working on now, but we don’t currently have a date for release of this.

22 Any Update On Analytics - Streamyard Town Hall 116
QUESTION : Any update on Analytics? 
ANSWER : No dates to share atm. We are actively working on analytics – Total Views, Views Over Time, Average Watch Length.

Streamyard Webinars


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  • MON 1400 PM ET Live Stream Impact with Julie Riley 
  • WED 1400 ET – Streamyard Connect with Ross Brand
  • WED 9PM ET ET – Streamyard Spotlight Dana & Kelsey Bentz
  • FRIDAY [ Alternate Weeks  ]  
    1130-1200 ET – Coffee With Ducks (Meet The Team)
    1200-1300 ET – Learn With Streamyard 
  • SAT 1200 ET – Streamyard Live Stream Reviews with Christian Karasiewicz



21 #TheYard Winner James Potts - Streamyard Town Hall 116

Dana Bentz
DanGeige, DanielJulie, ChristianDana, Kelsey 



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