Clubhouse Update 9th Feb 2021

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Latest Release Updates From Clubhouse

Official Updates

It has been unbelievable to meet so many amazing new people joining from China, Brazil, Italy, Taiwan, Turkey, Hong Kong, and all over the world this past week!

“Share” link in rooms

Ever find yourself in a great room and want to share it with your followers?
Send it to friends?
Or post it to a group?

Now when you tap the ping [“+”] button at the bottom of a room, you’ll see an option to share a link.

Tapping it will open the share sheet, so you can post a link to the room anywhere you like.

We’ve also fixed that deep linking bug we had, so when someone taps through, it will reliably take them straight to the room.

Accessibility improvements.

Clubhouse now has improved VoiceOver support, so you can use the native iOS screen reader to navigate through the app.

We’ve worked hard to support all of the core flows.

But please send us a note if you have suggestions or notice anything we’ve missed!

Search for someone within a room.

A while back we added a way for speakers to search for a specific person within a room, by tapping the “…” at the top right. Now audience members can do it too!

Report someone who left the room.

Clubhouse has a zero tolerance policy for trolling, so if you ever see someone being disruptive, we want to make sure you can report them. To help with this, we’ve added a feature so that you can view (and report) someone who recently left the stage—even if you’re in the audience. Just tap the “…” in the upper right. If you’re a moderator, we’ve also added a button to the profile half-sheet so that you can quickly report them from there.

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

We’ve fixed some crashes, worked to improve stability as we scale, and updated the UI to make it clearer that people you’ve blocked won’t see rooms where you’re speaking or be notified when you go live.

New app icon!

After a legendary run, we’re saying a fond farewell to the great Bomani X, and welcoming in our next community member icon—the one and only Axel Mansoor

As many of you know, Axel is an incredible musician who has been nominated for an Emmy and hosted hologram concerts… but most importantly, he has been singing the world to sleep every night at 9pm PT on Clubhouse, as host of the Lullaby Club all the way from Mauritius! 

Having grown up in four countries (Belgium, Zimbabwe, Mauritius and USA), Axel is a self-proclaimed 3rd culture kid and big advocate of self-love, mental wealth and Vietnamese noodle soups. We are so grateful to have him be part of the Clubhouse community, and so excited for him to grace all of our home screens until the next major release! 🙂

That’s it for now.
As always, thank you
for being part of Clubhouse! 🙏🏽

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