Clubhouse Sun 11th July 2021

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news & your questions answered by the founders Paul Davison, Rohan Seth & the team from Clubhouse, at their weekly Town Hall

Hosted By

  • @Paul 
  • @Rohan
  • @Anu
  • @StephSimon 

WEDNESDAYS NOW 5pm PT – New User Orientation 


Submit throughout the week & we will prioritise the most commonly asked questions. 

This Week On Clubhouse @StephanieSimon

??NAME?? = Unsure of the correct name / spelling despite research

Drue Kataoka, Swan Sit & Kat Kole


Updates & Product Roadmap - @Paul

BIG Thank you to all local language welcome rooms….

  • First Indonesian Town Hall this week 
  • World Tour to UK next 


  • TED Official talks and discussions weekly
  • TED is very interested in dialogue & developing ideas together


    • Bi-Weekly Cycle of updates
    • Past 6 weeks on under the hood & bigger features
    • Big release this week – not too much detail 
    • Re-Thought out in room reporting flow to make better 






See less relevant rooms

Can you make possible to see more rooms less relevant to us, other than your suggestions

  • In short – YES!
  • Some best experiences come from being in room you were not sure how you got there 
  • Got to tackle how this would work 
  • Over next 4-6 weeks working on user facing stuff to find people rooms, events that are relevant to you
  • Not sure what UI would look like at this point

Looking for but without room

Can we add feature to show status ‘looking for but without room’ when no room relevant to them now

  • Love this suggestion
  • Want to solve this problem for people
    • I want to find good room 
    • I want friends to know I am free to talk 

Last active status

Could we have note on people bios to see when last active. Help us prune people we follow

  • Like this 
  • It’s all about informing the tap
  • We already show people you follow who follow / block this person 
  • A lot more we could do & will do 
  • PRIVACY : Would not disclose everything 

Person / Club lists

Any way to create lists of people / clubs I want to follow and see whats coming up. Some not as active as others…

  • What do you want to do with that info? 
  • Do you want to include in your profile to show them off? 
  • Is it to see who’s more active for more notifications – already self regulating 
  • How displayed on profile – would be good and we can look at this
  • RSVP bell on clubs for reliable notifications when started 
  • We want to infer when you never join club rooms we show less // Or show more if you do always join

Easier to browse users in room

Wish it was easier to browse / see people profiles in room, but order refreshes & not way to browse without tap in and out of profiles 

  • We should improve that & within scope to take over next month or so 

Clubs associated socials for shares

Nice to attache twitter or Instagram to clubs, so in the share wouldn’t have to change every time we share

  • Makes sense and think we should 

Clubs members to unlock rooms

Can we have way for members to unlock rooms, as only founder can atm. 

  • Working on BIG club refactor atm
  • Too complicated right now & want to simplify and make more powerful!
  • Ship in August and solves this 

Club social rooms

Can we have social room within the club? 

  • Possibly for only people you follow, who are also in the  club as well can join
  • We will build for that use case
  • Got to look at simplifying the club side of things 

Green Room

Can we start event with just scheduled hosts to start, like a ‘Green Room’

  • Some changes 
    • Co-Hosts automatically join the stage 
    • Can look at how UI would show still in green room 

Creator tools & moderation

Tools for creators for rooms & moderators 

  • Planning 3-4 weeks ahead, as things change too quickly 
  • Most important things change a lot 
  • Make easier to consistently grow you audience and reach 
  • Playbook on how to consistently grow your reach and audience 
  • Could be 
    • More analytics  
    • More tools internally 
    • More recording functionality 
    • More ways to share
    • More in room features 
    • Better back channel conversations for mods
    • Ways to share things with listeners 
    • Monetisation – Payments out in basic form, and  bring to global ASAP too 


  1. Grow Audience
  2. Communication 
  3. Tools to make it a living & get paid 

Group music audio

Musician & performer and to do group sessions – how to make audio better

  • Tap ellipsis to change to high quality audio – set to standard by default 
  • New team member Justin built WebRTC & good with audio, so open to your feedback and ideas 

Worldwide collaborations

Any way to collaborate with other users around the world 

  • Discovery features will help with this 
  • Working on Club CO-Hosting but other things prioritised ahead of this. 
  • If you had something in mind let us know 

Feedback for creators

Wish we had way to high five a speaker / creator when I agree or support what they said

  • Considering how do I give feedback without disrupting flow / trolling etc 
    • Public / private 
    • In moment / afterwards
    • No obligation to respond 
    • Is it a single reaction / more

Upcoming monetisation

What are next monetisation features. And when will everyone get them 

  • Roll existing payments internationally over coming months first
    • In room tipping
    • Paid events 
  • More important to grow audience first then monetise 

Payment details storing

When I give money to someone. Option to save card – but no info on where stored or security – where is this stored? 

  • Stripe processes the payment 
  • Small processing fee to Strip 
  • Full payment to creator 
  • We do not store credit card info on or servers 

Final Thoughts & Show recommendations


Quickly changing profile photos, and pull to refresh. Power user on iOS – Tap and hold – straight to camera roll! 

On iOS to view hallway – fastest way is swipe down right of leave quietly 

Figure out who you had listened to recently, Hallway > Explore > Top right User arrows icon. 

Raising your hand on iOS & customise skin tone – Press and hold raise hand icon bottom right. 


More around the Olympics 


Clubhouse Are Still

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