Clubhouse Sun 2nd May 2021

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news & your questions answered by the founders Paul Davison, Rohan Seth & the team from Clubhouse, at their weekly Town Hall

Hosted By

  • @Paul 
  • @Rohan
  • @Anu
  • @StephSimon 

WEDNESDAYS 6pm PT – New User Orientation 


Submit throughout the week & we will prioritise the most commonly asked questions. 

This Week On Clubhouse @StephanieSimon

??NAME?? = Unsure of the correct name / spelling despite research

Drue Kataoka, Swan Sit & Kat Kole


Product Roadmap - @Paul

  • Thanks you for all those using Clubhouse to raise funds for GOOD CAUSES 
    • India issues with COVID
    • Against Asian Hate 
    • And many more…
  • Rolling out payments to more users 
  • Android testing is still in BETA – getting Q&A on this and getting it right is important because lots of moving parts 
    • Screen sizes
    • Operating systems
    • System versions to test for
    • Make the experience smooth

Wed 9am PT
creator First Programme Pilot Programme 

Release Last Sunday after Town Hall 

  • Clubs can now invite 1000 new people from OFF Clubhouse to their new events without need to join through the waitlist
  • Now showing upcoming events on Club pages 
  • Can view combine follower & member count – combined! So you can get sense of size of club 
  • Improved Audio 
    • Automatically better by default
    • Tap Ellipsis (3 dots) top right to set audio settings
  • Added ‘On A Call‘  indicator – so when someone’s phon audio taken to incoming call you can see this in app 
  • Suggestions improvements to consider your native language 

Another release planned for later this week 

  • Submitted another release Thursday mostly under the hood!
  • For those that don’t  follow club –  if they stay a few mins – they get prompt to follow club 
  •  Bell
    • Was check mark if you follow club or speakers
    • No way to say specifically RSVP to the event 
    • Updating to allow you to specifically RSVP to the events you are interested in
  • RSVP can help us share in the feed better through the follow graph & suggestions
  • Default upcoming for you – will be shaped by people you follow / interested in same topic are going to 
  • If you are hosting event – will appear on your profile


Specific topic or conversation search

Discovery – Can you improve ease of search on specific conversation on specific topics.

Not easy to find for first time users

  • Excited about room search 
  • Crazy people don’t know about all the other rooms 
  • Should it be more filtering (or browse based / discover) / search ?
  • Search is good for :
    • Something in real world that you want to join the conversation  
    • When you know room is happening 
  • Search less useful :
    • Interested in niche topic 
    • Might not be room on atm – so bad experience 
    • Language filtering 
  • Thinking about looking at showing rooms related to room you are in right now 

Listing rooms on profile

Love new feature of rooms in club – is there way to list all rooms I have or will mod on my profile / club – then wouldn’t need to list another way?

  • Building in next weeks release
    • Rooms you are hosting NOW or in future on profile [ not modding ] 
    • Can RSVP from all rooms you are in by tapping your profile 
  • How do you inform the tap?
    Help them decide best action to take – from data available to you 

Topics over people

For those who care more about topic than person – be good to see topic before people – so no need to tap into room to find out about it

  • Some decisions are product & some are person centric 
  • Aaron doing pass on notifications – How can we make them algorithmically and the info shown better
  • Not sure what format we decided on for this but actively revising this week

Buddy List

Not very clear when to use buddy list other than see rooms they are in, or to see who is online? 

  • Swipe right to left – Sidebar / buddy list 
  • Shows club you are ember of, and lots of members online to start and invite them to talk 
  • Friends – people you follow who also follow you below that to start conversations with them 
    • Online 
    • In a room
    • Speaking in rooms 
  •  Tap them to invite to your room or join them in room they are in

Mod notifications

Notifications Mods get – Do they get for each time listener enters or leaves room 

  • Never notify anyone if you ‘leave quietly‘ (used to be gottagobye)
  • Notified people when someone left – removed to not derail conversations
  • Notified if they follow you and you enter the room – not for ALL – throttled notifications 
  • Think they notify each time you rejoin too! 

University teaching broadcasts

Education – Would like to teach 4th year uni course 150 student – like to be able to setup event to allow access to have them join without need to join with accounts. 

  • Very exciting – want to see this!!
  • We don’t allow broadcast to other platforms – always thinking creator first – means being in control and knowing who is listening at any point in time 
  • Maybe in the future – as if you choose option probably fine 
  • New feature would allow all 150 students to join in one go without waitlist and join club 
  • Android should be rolled out soon enough to allow all students access 

Mic indicator for mods & notifications

Mic indicator – Might be nice to have notification to let mods say to speaker their audio isn’t coming through 

  • Usually down to bad signal 
  • App will tell them bad connection – Red Bar Warning 

Overflow rooms & recording

How do you create overflow rooms & how do you record a room?

  • Limit 8000 in room now 
  • Scaling gradually to infinite 
  • Currently people using two devices to solve this issue
  • If speakers don’t mind then no issue 
  • Recording – against terms without expressed permission of all speakers – creator first so full control of the experience 
  • Lots of articles on how to share 
  • Google Recording a Clubhouse room

creator first programme

creator first programme – have they all been notified yet? 

  • Vast majority have 
  • Steph & team fine tuning things 
  • Wed 9am PT. to hear about the pilot season

Going viral on Clubhouse

What does ‘going viral’ on Clubhouse mean? DO you factor this into recommendations?

  • No way to share to followed 
  • No async content to propagate throughout network – it’s in moment (Mechanics are different)
  • Typically room is started. and interesting, often associated to someone in real world, and one of people from the real world story hears and joins 
  • People in room ping their friends
  • People on stage – their followers notified
  • People tweet about it 

Group brands / channels on Clubhouse

If I am part of group of creators on another platform – how should we setup on Clubhouse

  • Setup club from bottom of the profile
  • Colub can have brand of channel elsewhere
  • All members can be on. the club as founders 
  • Individuals as the voices behind the club / brand

Clubhouse DMs

DMs – Please don’t make it possible to messages in the app. Could be distracting, audio only is what CH is about – 

  • We will have messaging in the app at some point 
  • Will test and may course correct
  • Can we resolve these underlying problem  
  • What makes CH special 
    • Audio ONLY 
    • Intimate 
  • Other platforms used as backchannels already so some appetite for this – could it be significantly better to platforms with controls not to harm your experience 

Sunday Recaps

Is there a way to get Sunday Town Hall recaps if not able to join live 

  • Yes we would like to do this
  • Instagram / Twitter shares 
  • Mostly product announcments 


Blocking updates

Blocking – Are you thinking of blocking updates, like 2 or more to block to stop accessing rooms – as some may differ opinion and stops others joining popular room

  • Group product how do we work this out
  • creator first – when any speaker has blocked -you can’t see the room 
  • Looking at how we can improve this – nothing immediately 
  • Any major issues get in touch 

Blocking anonymity

Why is blocking annoymous – if stopping me seeing I would like to know who blocked me? 

  • Live group platform 
  • Because they don’t want you to know 
  • To make never feel uncomfortable 
  • Block without fear of retribution / upset
  • We call it a ‘soft block

Profile Privacy

Privacy for profiles – would you allow locked / invisible profiles? Be good to manage or hide which notifications go out about us as a 

  • Room centric not account centric 
    • People have different aspects of personality
    • They want to meet for different reasons
  • Good point to allow users to control & not make overly complicated 
  • Nothing planned right now

Protecting users under human rights

Are you allowing planning for trans name to protect those victims of sexual abuse etc ?

  • Real name service 
  • Persistent identity 
    • May not be legal name on ID but known generally by
  • Human rights means we allow some changes
    • pseudonyms 
    • artist names etc 

Show types you want to see

What shows you want to see more of? 

  • TV shows recaps 
    • talk about shows they love
  • Book clubs 
    • Come on and read chapter of book and join / discuss & ask questions 
  • How can we equip with right tools to grow communities on Clubhouse ?
    • Now allowing people to bring people in for events 
    • Love to see best practises rooms on how to promote & get people to share & go viral & avoid issues, tools you can use
    • Driving a targeted audience for better rooms
  • ‘I learned a thing’
    • Deep dive random topic – for those people who want to learn something new 
    • PLUG for History Club 

Final Thoughts...



Clubhouse Are Still

🎉 Business Operations

✍️ Head of Creator Communications


📈 Data Analyst
📈 Product Data Scientist


📱Backend Engineer
📱iOS Engineer
📱Software Engineer, Trust & Safety


💵 Head of Finance


👋 General application


📅 Recruiting Coordinator


🛡️ Trust & Safety Lead
🛡️ Trust & Safety Specialist

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