Clubhouse Sun 18th April 2021

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news & your questions answered by the founders Paul Davison, Rohan Seth & the team from Clubhouse, at their weekly Town Hall

Hosted By

  • @Paul 
  • @Rohan
  • @Anu
  • @StephSimon 

WEDNESDAYS 6pm PT – New User Orientation 


Submit throughout the week & we will prioritise the most commonly asked questions. 


This week the Clubhouse Town Hall was at FULL capacity with 5,000 people tuned in live and a number of relay rooms rebroadcasting the town hall so more people could listen in! 

This Week On Clubhouse @StephanieSimon

??NAME?? = Unsure of the correct name / spelling despite research

Drue Kataoka, Swan Sit & Kat Kole


Product Roadmap - @Paul

  • Japan this Thursday 5pm Pacific – TOWN HALL 
  • Closed Series C – Andrew Zen, Elon Gill & others – $
    • More to invest in product, team and creator community 

Growing a global community 

  • 100s countries across the world
  • millions of creators across the world 
  • Seen artist launches, and small rooms from all cultures to meet for the first time
  • Italy & Brazil – Town Halls
  • Sat together in silence and remembrance & seen powerful Global Movements 
  • Quadrupled Team 
  • Launched monetisation 
  • Servers have struggles but growth outgrew the discovery algorithm 
  • Important to grow with people that represent the ethos of Clubhouse
  • 200 creators angels & funds, athletes, musician and artists 
  • Fundraising to focus on product and community 
  • Hiring across all areas – excited to hear from you!!


  • NO client release this past week 
  • Lots work server side – focused on discovery 
    • Help find right people , rooms & clubs 
    • Making sure notifications are most relevant to you
  • Incredible team of people on broad and building out foundations and infrastructure for the future 
  • A lot of work happening under the hood! 
  • Push release out next couple of days
    (Submitting today – approval next couple of days)
    • Next event
    • Members & followers
    • Link sharing for rooms
    • Add a ton of invites 
    • Tools to manage membership 
  • Ranking rooms & clubs
  • Working a lot on this & trust & safety
  • Next release focussed on on boarding properly 
    • Inline suggestions for topics and clubs 
  • Next release more visible 


Finding other platform followers

Being able to find people you follow, from contacts or other platforms we connect to. Is there way to find all followers form other platforms? Once been on platform for a while not at onboarding? 

  • Not presently available
  • Could go to profile and tap on people you follow and hallway for search top left – suggestions to follow 
  • Interested in the usage case? 
    • Maybe don’t follow at start then realise how important. 

Notification customisation

Please allow us to customise notification? Like to choose to see when people speaking – rather than when events scheduled?

  • A lot of work on this right now & more to be done 
  • It’s a live service – don’t want you to miss on things you want, but careful not to send too many, it’s a balancing act 
  • Get better at understanding preferences
    • Do you join from notifications of certain rooms . people 
  • Give you dials and knobs to turn to tweak and let us know what you want to receive – most people don’t do this though 
  • Can currently choose – very infrequently / very frequently & can pause them too 
  • Can tap bell by follow on profiles and say how much you see notifications for them 
  • Manual is good – but more focus on learning as affects more people 
  • Want to work on BELL when replaying to event… how it works!

Hallway positioning

Hallway – Can you explain what makes visible above vs below explore bar? 

  • A lot of apps 
    • Reverse timestamp from people you follow 
    • Explore page 
    • Engagement loops – See most recent content you follow, like ones you are interested in – then see last & kick open explore to expand home feed or close. 
    • Move to algorithmic feed & discover content in feed, to engage more 
  • CH is Group based product 
    • Follow a person, it’s a group conversation co-created 
    • What if one person you follow not on stage? 
    • What if one person on stage but lots you don’t ?
    • More complex because co-created content hence ‘creator first’
  • How much do people want to see content based on people they follow over things interesting to them? 
  • Netflix – grouped by genre / mood etc 
  • NOW 
    • Main feed at top 
    • Explore at bottom 
    • Algorithm constantly changing – so hard to explain 
    • TOP, most basic – people / clubs you follow 
    • Lower is follows and follows of follows 
    • Or more globally interesting content 
    • Not top of feed- ones getting of trust and safety report 

Popular rooms & hallway

How will you decide what popular rooms to show if not following many people or not selecting topics? 

  • Hopefully someone you know brought you to the party
    • If they follow them you might like them? 
  • What is globally interesting because people in audience are from all different parts of the graph
  • How do we give tools to say is or isnt interesting?
  • We look at room retention – what’s common behaviour? 
  • Are people you follow in the audience of the room? 
  • Building big discovery team to get better

Promoting bigger guests

How can we tell you when BIG guests coming through to get help promote it best 


Mod controls

For moderators -please create more in room Mod controls 
Moderators not being able to remove people from room if not created

  • Don’t make everyone a Moderator 
  • Appreciate that moderating people pins them to the top! 
  • Can’;t see the other usage or tools needed – but comes up a lot ? 

User levels

Can we have more levels – creator, officer, members 

  • OFFICERS (building out atm)
    • Start rooms but can’t kick you out or add / remove  people 

Club rooms

Viewing club events – should be in the club view!!

  • It’s crazy & wait til Tuesday 

Music streaming

Will you support more music streaming – through additional tools? 

  • Audio quality defaults to higher level now 
  • We want to default to higher still 
  • We want to allow creators to monetise, and supporting this is to allow professional production 
  • Open to suggestion on this 
  • We wan to ensure musicians have the tools to allow them to sing, play their own music and they can get paid 
  • Ensure people are not violating any IP 

Success for creators

Tools or resources for creators to succeed on CH ?
How do we request more specific tools 

  • We thing creator first and we focus on these 4 areas 
    • Welcome more people – android & localisation 
    • Keeping the wheels on 
    • Discovery 
    • In Room experience 
  • Creator first accelerator will help us help find the right tools and support more creators 
  • Investment for allowing us to do more of this 
  • Clubhouse payments – to allow creators to get paid 
  • Resources – building bigger team to help creator and community & production & productisation of what people are already doing
  • Helping creators make a living 

Working with brands

Can creators work with brands or sponsors without Clubhouse being involved and are there times the team should be involved? 

  • Legal requirements to disclose when sponsored
  • We support partnerships and encourages it 
  • Contact us 
    • Open to those wanting to connect 
    • Brands that want to partner


Payments – what fees are there? 
Understand CH isn’t taking any fees

  • Sending on Clubhouse today – payment processing is on Stripe 
  • Uses credit and debit card only right now 
  • 100% payment gores to the creator 

Looking to add more payment options and features in the near future. 


Android roll out

Android – will this be global or in certain areas first? 

  • Go as fast as we can but in sustainable way with good user experience 
  • Small beta group to curate and test core functionality 
  • So many more factors to deal with on Android including 
    • Screen sizes
    • OS
  • Probably country by country to rule out too many bugs


Supporting international market

We lead community groups in other languages – want to bridge US to international audiences 

  • International town halls – had a lot of people offer help and working with them where it make sense, trying to understand their needs moving forwards
  • Working on more formal way to engage with people to help with this
  • Email us : / 


Reporting & investigation

Reporting & Investigation – some users suspended not sure why this happened? Is it possible to do this faster? 

  • Working with Dan & Team this week on in app reporting flows – to make quicker and smoother to report
  • We want dedicated internal tools team – for daily trust and safety improvements 

Follow limits

Why do you limit the follow number? 
Want to follow people back who followed me

  • To prevent spam!
  • No rate limit – stops people following people all day & unfollow
  • Can hurt experience – because follow limit when on for a while could hurt the experience, so looking how we evolve this… 
    • Maybe you can only follow X active users – might increase if not active 
    • Maybe number per day 
    • Maybe Or you can follow less per day when higher numbers 

Calling other users out

What is the situation with rooms calling other users out? 
What do we take 

  • We don’t allow abuse, bullying or harassment 
  • NOT OK to call someone out with another users name in the title 
  • Is this person a public figure?
    Slightly different context
  • Warning / suspension depending on severity 

Brands & data

Brands working with people – are you giving these brands any data? 

  • How it works currently
    • Steph would get email 
    • She would explain how it all worked
    • Introduced them to users already working in that space 
  • ?Fadia? – responsible for brand parenteships
  • More in that team now – Added Mya & Shaun & Nick 

What makes a good conversation?

What do you think it creates to create a successful conversation? 

    • If you want an audience – let people know and add to calendar 
    • Next club release will make easy to invite a lot of people direct to club and upcoming rooms / events 
    • Make your room participatory
      • Some things only work in practise not in theory
    • Come up with formats that work natively on Clubhouse
      [ not like STERILE LIVE Podcast] 
    • Intimate conversations without worrying what they look like or where they are
    • Seen various big names join and they open up and share feelings and are vulnerable 
    • Being intentional…
      • About who you bring up and when 
      • Looking for those unmuting 
      • Finding natural connections 
    • Rooms that work the best tend to be… 
      • participatory 
      • genuine
      • whats happening now in world
      • unexpected guests & moments
      • brilliant minds of the creators here 

Final Thoughts...

Never lost on us that you take some of your Sunday with us, wanted to share about funding news to help us improve the product & to make more native to every user. 

We are going to be working around the clock to make it better and better and better for you – focussed on the long-term 


Clubhouse Are Still


📈 Data Analyst
📈 Product Data Scientist


👋 General application


📅 Recruiting Coordinator


🎉 Business Operations


🛡️ Trust & Safety Senior Specialist

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