Clubhouse Sun 11th April 2021

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news & your questions answered by the founders Paul Davison, Rohan Seth & the team from Clubhouse, at their weekly Town Hall

Hosted By

  • @Paul 
  • @Rohan
  • @Anu
  • @StephSimon 

WEDNESDAYS 6pm PT – New User Orientation 


Submit throughout the week & we will prioritise the most commonly asked questions. 

This week the Clubhouse Town Hall was at FULL capacity with 5,000 people tuned in live and a number of relay rooms rebroadcasting the town hall so more people could listen in! 

This Week On Clubhouse @StephanieSimon

  • Refer to CH as Private Communication & Public broadcast 
  • How to be better, live better, & remember lives of others together 
  • EYE WAY WAY – Continuously read out the names of students killed in the earthquake
  • Rooms in memory of DMX – Orchid gardener 
  • Hosts 
  • DR Gupta – Optimising schedules we can take better care of ourselves. 
  • Trip across Iceland – Ego can provide false confidence, if there is goal to finish 
  • World Health Day – Can nutrition help our healthcare systems
  • Micheal Wolf – Self Goldman – Beyond Meat – Diet or what we put in bodies affects climate change more than our cars we buy 
  •  Edward Snowdon – Challenged us to rethink archetypes – person we are waiting for is you 
  • Launch of book club – finding your calling for 
    It’s never too late to trust your intuition & chase your dreams 
  • History doesn’t care who you are it cares what you do 



  • 5000+ submissions
  • Blown away by creativity of submissions
  • Announced To People on April 23rd by email 
  • 60 shows will pilot a single show across 3 weeks!!
  • More in coming weeks and community to be involved in 
  • We will let you know by 16th April by email if successful 



  • This week we launched DEBYT of creator payments – to build platform that puts creator first 
  • As we think about funding our business we want to align with funding creators too 
  • NEW FEATURE ‘Payments’
    • Anyone can send payment to user enabled user
    • Can send any amount from bottom of profile 
    • Use SEND MONEY 
    • Add Debit / Credit card 
    • Shows small fee charged by Stripe 
    • 100% goes to creator 
    • 100% fee goes to Stripe
    • 1000 people chosen to test – random sampling of active creators on Wednesday 
    • Checking functionality and get feedback
    • 66000 more got payment yesterday
    • Idea to make core part of service moving forwards 
    • Called payments so you can tell us how you would use it & we can encompass that in our platform 
    • What we have thought about but open to your ideas… 
      • In room tipping
      • subscriptions clubs & creators 
      • ticketed rooms
      • brand sponsorships
      • charity fundraisers 
    • Need to add in history of payments
    • Any money sent to CH Team will be donated to Charity…
    • Don’t want to show interruptive mid roll ads 
  • Tried to clean up activity feed 
    • Some require response & stack up if not dealt with 
    • Added overflow section – Expiry on invites to club 
    • If friend joins 2/3 shown & overflow tray 
    • Open to your feedback 
  • Under the hood
    • Notifications 
    • Trust, safety & Support


Next one in couple days & another after that 

  • Clubs
    • Fixing club page only displays member shouts – combining with followers too! 
    • Added pressure to convert to members to show number – tools not good to do this. Looking to fix this but quick fix. 
    • Next scheduled event on Club Page / CTA to schedule one 
    • New section pops up to let other people know about the event 
    • Increased invites to clubs to bring people to CH from somewhere else
  • Discovery 
    • Needs a lot of work 
    • Best suggestions to follow & clubs to join 
    • Best rooms in feed – 1000s at any given time 
    • Best notifications – Only good ones, so you don’t miss anything 
    • Back end monitoring – had some issues as growing really fast, Notifications taking ages to go out – so monitoring to detect and fix quicker 
    • Which rooms we should show you, who you most enjoy being in rooms with 
    • Which rooms are trending 
    • More work on Follow Suggestions 
  • Trust & Safety
    • Improve reporting & internal processes to handle these

Drue Kataoka, Swan Sit & Kat Kole




How did you choose who got monetisation

  • Not intentional choice
  • Somewhat random sampling 
  • Roll out as quickly as possible 
  • 66,000 yesterday 
  • Increase again as long as working ok 
  • Active recently // No Violations

Rumours to have club to get this feature 

  • Not true 

When will roll out be wider? 

  • Like to do ASAP 
  • US First 
  • Figure out bugs etc
  • Over next few months  roll to everyone else 

Other payment options / types? 

  • No plans beyond debit / credit card 
  • More Types Coming – We are excited for int he next few months
    • In room tipping
    • subscriptions
    • paid events 
    • brand sponsorships – hosted by.a brand

There are so many thing you COULD do to enhance the experience for all.. but got to be done right!

Finding creators

Will there be way to find creators or hosts, same way as people / clubs? 

  • Maybe to find people hosting shows / rooms or prominent moderators 
  • Calendar focussed around the event not the moderator 
  • When you land on profile – make clear if they host rooms / conversations / shows & how much or how often? 
  • Discovery – helping people who host rooms get discovery better
  • Helping people promote their rooms better
  • Helping with analytics be better for creators 

Analytics tools

What types of tools & analytics are you thinking of doing 

How we are doing in real time? 
How successful club is ?
How to get feedback from listeners?

  • Cool to see tools built externally 
  • How room is doing in real time
    • RN only concurrent listener count – has weird dynamic
      • Naturally decays 
      • Notifications only go out at start 
    • Need better tools to read the room & gorw the rooms
  • How successful over time
    • Concurrent
    • Overall listeners 
    • Engagement rates – ‘raise hands etc’ 
  • Getting Feedback
    • Not as straightforward 
    • We want to ensure we do this well as could be done badly & take you out of the moment / not be useful / abusive 


  • Helping people find your room 
  • More details analytics to understand your rooms 

Also thinking about 

  • Recording
  • Better hand raise tools 
  • And much more


Will rooms be searchable from hallway 
Difficult to find by topic 
Or I was just in 

  • 100% Yes it will be searchable 
  • When is it most useful – best use case
    • Something just happened in the world – I want to talk about it
    • I want to find room about certain topic, that’ popular enough someone will be talking about it – keyword search to filter & find
    • Just left a room and they want to get back to a room 
      • Better to improve the  UI – to BACK to room / see history of rooms. 
      • Back button on TV Remote / Slack / YouTube History etc 
  • Think it’s more useful to show rooms you are interested in in the hallway, with better ranking and browsing more often

Discovery of ended rooms

Can we make easy to find ended rooms?  
To look at room hosts of club 

  • Should make easier to follow in moment & more intuitive
  • Should be able to 

Speaker invites

Make possible to swipe away the invite to speak feature?
Not wanting to refuse as notifies host 

  • Can’t currently swipe away [ Message from Dale
  • Currently No way to say why not joining 
  • Multiple people can invite you to speak so can be annoying if invited numerous times 
  • Should never feel bad joining room knowing you can’t speak 
  • More we can do to solve this

Muting rooms to broswe other apps

Please enable way to mute room but not leave.
Background CH and carry ion sing phone 

  • Agree – sounds like great feature
    • Would need to look at mute my input / output ?
    • Want to control volume n two apps so can’t use the hard buttons 
  • Possible power user feature – might look into this
  • UI – is it good for everyone? 

Club use cases

What are some usage cases you would like to see from Clubs? 

  • Private club / community 
    • Needs regular scheduled events 
    • Need to encourage this more in the next releases 
    • It’s really a conversation series
    • Club is nothing without a series of conversations 
    • Hard to make work unless open to public 
    • Send them calendar invite by email to get them there 
  • More large social clubs 
    • 100 / 500 / 2000 people 
    • All people you would love to have at party if you hosted 
    • People you like hanging out with 
    • Grown from close knit beta testers – going global – want to retain the feel 
    • Like social room (where only people you follow can join) 
    • Casual friends of friends vibe and no real topics just chats 

Airing other rooms in our club

Could you build feature to ‘air’ room to our club? 
If interesting c

  • So interesting to us!
  • Can’t currently ping club to another clubs room
  • Love the suggestion 
  • Club collaborations – was trying to map out 
    • When you enter – hosted by supprt multiple clubs
    • Room rep in hallway & title 
    • Notifications in club name room = whats format 
    • How do you share multiple club rules to enter? 


Android roll out

When is Android launch ?

  • Everywhere ASAP 
  • Paul got android Wed – and taking look at the current build 
  • Guess is for May 2021
  • A lot more devices / OS Versions
    • Requires more testing 
  • Not sure if country by country 
  • Gradual but with plan to get to everyone as soon as possible 

Features for friends

What are features to support friends hanging out not creators? 

  • Easier to see friends around
  • Making riskless to start room with them 
  • Discussion after TH 

Clubhouse data breach

Did CH have a data breach or leak 

  • Misleading / False – CLikcbait article 
  • All public profile data in the app

Clubhouse on PC

Ad for Clubhouse PC
Is it real and from you?

  • Not us – it’s a FAKE 
  • As we have grown there have been imposter ads on Google Play & PC 
  • Not real and could be Malware 
  • Only on 

Reporting rooms

Way to report room without 

  • At user level as more actionable to take action 
    • Screenshot room title 
  • Improving in app reporting features 
  • Easier in near future


Club creators should not be blocked even if blocked by someone and should be able to join room and speak on stage anyway 

  • If you host club and you don’t want anyone else to kick you to audience don;t make people MODS 
  • Everything follows the moderator
    • You start room you are mod
    • All mods can do everything 
  • Will refine over time
  • Club setting ‘Anyone in club can start a room
    • Don’t allow people to start rooms if they are starting and blocking you

Brand accounts

Brands creating accounts?
What’s thoughts on this? 
Is this allowed? 

  • Excited for brands to get involved & very welcome 
    • Start a club
    • Real Name service 
    • Have people host the conversations 

Reach out at

Social audio

Outlook on social audio? 
Especially with so many other social audio apps now. 
How has your view changed since starting Clubhouse? 

  • Not surprised it’s becoming more of a thing
  • We were excited by the medium 
  • Not about starting a new social platform
  • Wasn’t making time for books & found audio books, when running / driving – then got into podcast & love the emotion of the voice & medium. Hard to find good spoken audio conversation. 
  • You can just talk & there are people who want to listen or talk with you about this.
  • What’s strange about Clubhouse is we never expected it to work & aware how much there is to figure out but great to see it resonate with people so much
  • It’s what we hoped for when we started it – originally it was
    • 1 room
    • no social graph
    • no-one followed everyone 
  • Tried new things like multiple rooms & find what works 
  • Used to have to leave room to browse hallway, so innovated that 
  • Needed to give people control & STAGE / AUDIENCE as it grew
  • You know we always say;
    Don’t make everyone a mod!
  • Outlook is consistent with what we hoped when we started – so much more to build and learn as 
  • 3/4 months just use daily updates – live group audio so learn as they use it and give realtime feedback 
  • Wired to respond to voice – first thing we hear when we come out the womb
  • Interested int he variety of formats that have emerged 


  • Used to have Terrestrial Radio 
  • Podcasts gave us no barrier to create – but harder to distribute and monetise
  • CH is innovating to be better to give tools to the creators to create what they want; 
    • Radio
    • Podcast
    • Town Halls
    • Press Conferences 
    • Shows
    • News 
    • And much more

Clubhouse Are Still


📈 Data Analyst
📈 Product Data Scientist


👋 General application
📅 Recruiting Coordinator


🕵️‍♀️ Trust & Safety Specialist
🛡️ Trust & Safety Senior Specialist

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