Clubhouse Sun 4th April 2021

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news & your questions answered by the founders Paul Davison, Rohan Seth & the team from Clubhouse, at their weekly Town Hall

Hosted By

  • @Paul 
  • @Rohan
  • @Anu
  • @StephSimon 

WEDNESDAYS 6pm PT – New User Orientation 


Submit throughout the week & we will prioritise the most commonly asked questions. 


This week the Clubhouse Town Hall was at FULL capacity with 5,000 people tuned in live and a number of relay rooms rebroadcasting the town hall so more people could listen in! 

This Week On Clubhouse @StephanieSimon

??NAME?? = Unsure of the correct name / spelling despite research
  • HAPPY SPRING – represnets new beginnning and renewal and new possabillity 
  • CH Laden with possibility – RESET THE ROOM, PTR, Who may enter and change direction of the room. Generously dropped Gems 
  • ANy give hour of the day 
  • MIss Leah  hosted night of 1000 Jewish Stars 
  • Good Time Show – Calvin Harris & Emil – NTF Jobs & Music 
  • BAD TRIP Movie chat 
  • Discussed Snoops launch of NFT 
  • Justin Beiber – Justice album listening party 
  • WOmen’s health discussions on care for mothers 
  • — Translating pain to purpose, many. SOmetimes it takes 10 years for 1 year to change your life 
  • ___ SeaSpiracy – Don;t need to go to film school to make film 
  • — Hosted slack, wordpress, 
  • The bike club creators – betrayal as greatest gift of our life., stand back and be strong again 
  • Kat Kole & ___- hosted discussion around   – How he navigated this pandemic, stood brushing his teeth with wife, and remembered he was with another human who needed care too 
  • 11 Today – straight after Clubhouse Town Hall – Version of Hamilton coming to CH Tony Tie hosted. 


Drue Kataoka, Swan Sit & Kat Kole


Product Roadmap - @Paul

  • Notifications when rooms started were taking more than 10 mins – Michelle & Mo worked last week to resolve this!! @Rohan (Hopefully this makes starting the show quicker!) 

5000 applications for Creator First – Now closed. 

  • Very excited for all the applications. Steph and team looking through them now.
  • Reviewing over next few weeks.
  • Update next Sunday

CLubhouse World Tour

  • BRAZIL – Portugese


  • Hired Jess – Head of Policy 
  • Pro democracy movements on CH 
  • Public regulatory perspective & internal playbook is SO important to us.
  • Pseudonyms
    • We are a Real Identity Service
    • When talking with voice – important to know who you are talking to.
    • Focus is on persistent of reputation that you are investing in. 
    • ToS – Real Identity Service – with case by case exceptions, for example Parody & Human Rights protection. For well established Pseudonyms
  • Recording & Transcription
    • Not allowed without explicit permission of the speakers 
    • creator first – you host you are in control, just need permission
    • Best practise – it’s in the title
      (so people know if they raise hands they know being recorded)
    • Paraphrasing has been asked – ok to use reasonable quote from a room 
      So default, Clubhouse conversations are open to those in the room,  so alright to reference. 
    • If explicitly OFF THE RECORD – Do this CLUB MEMBERS ONLY – Set in the rules
    • You can remove people from clubs if breaking rules
    • You can block them – they can’t be in rooms where you are a speaker
    • CH is a global network of many communities & want to empower you as hosts of clubs and rooms
    • Set the rules your way – within ToS
    • Guidelines will be updated this week 
    • Any questions let us know


  • No release this week 
  • Working hard to get it live ASAP 
  • Next release after current is approved 
    • Focus on Club Admins Pain points
    • See & Display upcoming rooms
    • invite off CH to events in CH 
  • May do 3rd Release in interim to SHIP in between 
    • Next couple of days 


  • One submitted
  • One we are working on
  • One coming soon after that 


Discovery feed logic

Discovery – Feed logic, Am I seeing rooms only based on who I follow, or are there ‘trending’ or popular CH curated content? 

  • Primarily based on who you follow
    • 1000s happening at any given time
    • Subset based on people you follow & clubs you are part of
  • We should show others we thing would be interesting to you, as not you r responsibility to know everyone on CH
    • Some signals to allow us to show room to you as ‘of interest’ 
    • Speakers you follow in audience of a room 
    • Follows of follows
    • Building discovery to get better at this
    • Need to look at what topics you are interested in, and understand who you always want to see – like the use of the BELL to ALWAYS SHOW, or NEVER SHOW ME their rooms. 
    • Need to figure out when lots of people enjoy a room – super high, staying around and telling others. 
    • If lots of friends in the room we should probably tell you about room
    • Will evolved over time & go beyond this 

Muting words to control feed

Muting words like on Twitter could be useful – Seen a lot of NTF, Bitcoin etc, can we get feature to stop seeing them? 

  • Think this is a good idea
  • Grown quickly over past few months, so many happening now
  • Room, search, language filtering, and muting all needed, but not on roadmap ATM 
  • You could UNFOLLOW the people starting those rooms
  • Word Muting is a good idea & will add in future 


Are you thinking of places to keep serendipity of things like welcome rooms, to help us meet new people? 

  • Yes – Discovery is important
  • As we grow we need ways to keep this part of the experience 
  • How to surface new rooms outside your follow graph for more discovery 
  • Knowing who is online right now 
  • Ways to say you think someone is interesting 
  • Ways to take risk out of joining rooms outside of your usual graph 
  • We always talk of SCALING INTIMACY – People, connections & conversations
  • BAD OUTCOME would be a Live Podcast – Very sterile & non participatory 
  • You have full spectrum – Public broadcast rooms, to private small rooms, and all in between
  • Core to CH, not one feature – need to build more of this 

Room context

Can you add feature to add context not just title of room, maybe 15 second  recording of the room reset, or the calendar description?

  • No brainer – Need to add the room description!
  • 15 second ROOM REST CLIP – love the idea, but more complex
  • We should aloow people 

Moderator UI

Moderator – Lots of speakers being moved back to room, in large  rooms, because of the UI, and where buttons are as you view the person’s profiles in rooms

  • Don’t make everyone a MOD!
  • Strong belief you shouldn’t make everyone a MOD 
    • They stay at top – ONLY benefit
    • No extra notifications
    • Creates crazy design by committee

Room capacity

We are seeing rooms up to 8000, is this official cap, and will you expand this, and can we cap this for our rooms? 

  • Performance issue – hence 8,000 person cap
  • Tried to scale in measured way since the beginning 
  • Collect feedback and track 
  • Hence invite system 
  • North star is to make sure as we aadd new waves of people to service, everyone’s experience gets better not worse! 
  • Grown TOO fast over past few months, hence why a few Red error bars and notifications taking too long
  • We are hiring and building out team to resolve 
  • All about ‘keeping the wheels on’
  • We would love to get to unlimited room sizes
  • creators can limit room size 
    • closed room & invite only 
    • social room – only those you follow can join 
    • private to members of club only 
  • We might add number limit – if creators want it we may add this in

Club details

Club details – when searching and looking at – how often do they host rooms and for how long? Is there regularly scheduled set of rooms? 

  • What’s the right metric to share?
  •  We need to decide what is the right and most useful information to share here
  • We want to ensure whatever we do it’s not something people can then game
  • We want the best solution, and we are working on this

Room details on clubs & profiles

When can we expect club rooms to show on club pages 
And when can we expect to see speakers rooms on profile pages? 

  • Club rooms on club pages should be this week or next 
  • Profiles not planned as yet
    This poses lots of complications , so working through those and then will update you once we have worked some of this out

Clubs co-hosting

When will there be option to allow clubs to hosted together not one or the other?

  • Requested for a long time – we would love to do this
    • Need to solve this on UI in the room & Feed – what do we display? 
    • This is tap target – and do we need overflow screen for this? 
    • Who can modify it? 
    • Mostly a UI issue
    • Who’s club rules are you accepting when joining room? 
    • Who gets notifications?
  • Concept of mixers and working together to cross pollinate 
  • Need to fix as could be BIG collaborations with no credit to some clubs involved 

Promoting shows

What are ways to get show promoted?
Are there CH help options?
Or how can we do this? 

  • Feed ranking is super primitive
    • Follow graph
    • working on other signals 
  • Best way today – put in calendar – get link & share to all audiences off clubhouse
  • Tell people about it on other rooms in CH 
  • This is really important & we are spending a lot of time on & can do a lot more to help you 
  • We designed structure of network to help discovery
    • Every time you raise hand
    • Every time you speak 
    • People speakers follow section helps this too 
  • Make show successful in the Support documentation

creator First Accelerator

Applied & when will we hear back on these applications? 

  • Next week at  Town Hall

Android app

Creators in Android – How are you thinking to support these creators when  app is released to them? 

  • No different to iOS – will be complete when released 
  • How do we make sure we grow user community in thoughtful way so things don’t break 
  • A lot more we could be doing there
  • Excited for the Android release, but want to make sure it’s smooth 
    • Different Screen sizes 
    • Different devices
    • Different Aspect rations
    • Different OS 
  • Look to release in waves, and refine as we do each release

International Town Halls

International Town Halls, what have you learned from doing these? WHat can we do to help with these? 

  • Every market is different
  • A lot of similarities – but each region has subtle differences & very important to use to understand
  • Make sure everyone can experience in way that is native to them 
  • Start with top 5/10 countries where we already have engaged community and most need for whatever reason 
    • Japan 
    • Germany 
    • SO many others 
  • Working on timings for these

Learned so far

  • They appear in different clusters of the graph
  • Who are the creators? 
  • Interested in helping? 


Block symbols

How are accounts with block sybol being monitors

  • Shared block list 
  • When making decision – our job to help with that
  • Same with user accounts
  • We show you if people you follow, also follow someone 
  • We also show shared block list, when reviewing profile, you can see they have been blocked by lots of those in your network
  • Not necessarily they are violating ToS
    • Just may have real world issues with the person and not want to be in room 
    • Or not share their opinions or want to see them
  • Idea os to help keep healthy conversations
  • All accounts treated the same – this is for social context for you

Limited time blocking

Would like to block person for a limited time. If fed up maybe 24 hours, a week or month. Then unblock automatically

  • Easiest to give single view of all blocked so you can unblock
  • Not priority now
  • Seeing those you blocked is an 80% solution 
  • Very useful to us to see how people use blocking features. 

Recording notifications

Right now not notified if recorded, would love a way to see if it is recorded. Is this possible?

  • If you use iOS – you get a warning on the device
  • We don’t notify speakers because
    • Don’t know if we have consent 
    • It’s about the flow of the conversation & would break the experience for everyone 
    • Can never guarantee someone isn’t recording on another device
      Gives false sense of security 
    • Best control of this is to control who is in the room

creator first philosophy

SO much talk about platforms being creator friendly – How does CH see this and how does it go into the product and policies? 

  • ‘creator’ (of the room – ie HOST / PRODUCER)
  • Whoever took time, energy and initiative to bring people together 
  • creator first – There will be times where wishes of creator and listener will be at odds, so we decided to side with creator – Just a better experience. 
  • prioritising the creator, makes more happy creators, which is great for listeners too 
  • If you don’t people will leave as no control over experience 
  • Affects fundamental product decisions
    • feed structure
    • can people come to your room / club without permission
  • Intentionally not included some features – like flying hearts etc
  • Want to add feedback in way that puts creator first
  • Part of our business model – based on genuine human connection
    • Reason high end users are here so much, not because addictive, because they close the app happier than they came to it, because they learned something  or deepened relationships. 
  • Not built on harvesting data, or algorithms etc 
  • Built that we make money when creators do
  • It permeates everything in the product

Final Thoughts...

Thank you so much for spending time with us on your Holiday Sunday, you completely guide our product roadmap. It’s a blank set of screens filled with the faces of amazing people.

People do message us at if we missed your questions. 

We are always in rooms throughout the week.


Clubhouse Are Still


📈 Data Analyst
📈 Product Data Scientist


👋 General application
📅 Recruiting Coordinator


🕵️‍♀️ Trust & Safety Specialist
🛡️ Trust & Safety Senior Specialist

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