Clubhouse 28th March 2021

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news & your questions answered by the founders Paul Davison, Rohan Seth & the team from Clubhouse, at their weekly Town Hall

Hosted By

  • @Paul 
  • @Rohan
  • @Anu
  • @StephSimon 

WEDNESDAYS 6pm PT – New User Orientation 


Submit throughout the week & we will prioritise the most commonly asked questions. 


This week the Clubhouse Town Hall was at FULL capacity with 5,000 people tuned in live and a number of relay rooms rebroadcasting the town hall so more people could listen in! 

This Week On Clubhouse @MayaWatson

??NAME?? = Unsure of the correct name / spelling despite research
  • Maya is standing in for Stephanie – as her birthday weekend
  • Monday – Celebrating VERSES CREW – every 10-15 mins new people joining , snoop, lil john all joined – 1 year on clubhouse
  • Inspired by diversity of perspectives and helped us to be open minded and to reflective
  • 2 hour Q&A on up and coming in film industry
  • Simon Sinek joined this week – rethink leadership, change CEO to Cheif Vision Officers – The Powerhouse CLub 
  • Leadership Lab – Walter Isaacson last week, denise woods – this week, on voice and optimising for any occasion, importance of breather, voices are the perfect gift 
  • Another author 
  • NY Best Seller – on Think Again with , Transition & trusting the process. 
  • Falicia virtual dinner party – Deepak Chopra & ?RISA? – how to use awareness, art – meaning of life, beauty of kung fu, AI, Consciousness


Drue Kataoka, Swan Sit & Kat Kole


Product Roadmap - @Paul

  • Clubhouse Passover event today! 4PM PT 
  • Next Sunday is Easter – Clubhouse never sleeps, still Town Hall 
  • Doing World Tour, town hall & orientations, 1st in Italy (Paul is naturally Italian in demeanour), THIS WED with Brazil (Portuguese) + Germany & Japan.  
  • Hallway – instead of ALL ROOMS in NEWEST VERSION of the app
  • Creator First Accelerator closes March 31st 2021
    • Idea to support great curators and creators to bring you the most important conversations and ideas to Clubhouse
      • Maybe you don’t have iPhone
      • Maybe you don’t know how to promote it
      • Maybe you need to cover babysitting to do the show
    • 3 months helping make your shows amazing 
    • Help with concept development
    • Help with Design & Promotion
    • Adding Invites
    • Help Find Brand Sponsors // Guaranteeing $5,000 per month 
    • Emphasising Daily Shows 
  • Still awaiting approval on this weeks release, out over next few days – EXCITING ONE 
  • Next weeks release – More focus on founders of and clubs themselves
  • Member management 
  • Helping with Followers / Members confusion 
  • A lot on discovery 
    • Always showing best people, clubs to join, rooms & notifications
    • Aggressively growing team, machine learning & discovery team 
  • Growing Support & Trust & Safety – that feels native across all languages 
  • Apply to join team!!


Club admin tools

Starting club – didn’t know I couldn’t change name – chose without clubs. 
Maybe add rule t o change or change every 6 months? 

  • Only reason is to protect people who joined club already , prevents abuse! 
  • Attribution to show when edited and by who to protect – also who in hallway, so more complicated & more involved
  • Would want to at least notify members to all changes so they can opt in / out 
  • Want to protect the community members when we roll out changes 

Membership management

Will there be way to manage or moderate memberships. 
Didn’t know monetisation were coming 
Can we control members but retain as followers

  • Clubs like groups – People use differently
    • Event series – Rooms every week, or every day
    • Communities – Group of people passionate about a topic
    • Private organisation – Friends group / companies 
  • It could be simplified, as very open right now. 
    • Can invite to be member but not followers.{ This is Clubhouses Fault ] 
    • Badly incentivised to have as members, not followers – although that’s what people can see wen looking at clubs 
    • We want to change the count, combining members & followers
    • Should you have way to auto approve membership? 
    • Looking at if mostly open publicly as a club – but want to meet privately sometimes, maybe we should have officers / paid members tier so you can control who can meet privately in open public club. 
    • Mainly private club, but wanted to meet publicly, we need to see what this looks like for public events & notifications. Trying to simplify this. 
    • Let us know your thoughts on simplifying this 
    • Will look at legacy issues as we roll out 
      eg Followers – members / visa versa
  • Possibility to do membership payments to allow access to private rooms they host. 

Scheduling club rooms calendar?

Scheduling club events – Can we please have inbuilt calendar to plan as a collective to avoid clashes.

  • When scheduling, show me other events that are happening at that time.
  • Do other admins have other rooms or are attending other events at that time?
  • Needs better filtering on events for you 
  • Needs more compact view to scroll 
  • Needs better notifications & hiding events 
  • Will continually improve over time

Starting clubs for external communities

Haven’t qualified to use feature for Clubhouse, but have a big community elsewhere

  • Mainly NEW members can’t open clubs, to prevent bots and spam 
    • Week or so, spoken in a few rooms etc, if not we will look into  for you
  • Profile – Member of section – at end + is  Create club 
  • Need to look at way to invite people to Club event 
  • We are looking to make easier for you to invite big audiences from elsewhere.. and make sure they are oriented properly, we are looking to optimise that entire flow and onboarding. Core of release we are working on this week. 

Recurring Events

Can we explain how recurring features might work? 

  • Calendar wasn’t tied to the room initially – just a notion doc to start!
  • Now they ARE linked to the room – hence the ‘START THIS ROOM’ 
  • Didn’t have way to track no shows of recurring rooms, and well intended repeat shows would litter the hallway with empty no show rooms. 
  • Good of this is every event – is actually going to happen!
  • If you do recurring events & are NO SHOW, we will look to remove next time so not bad user experience
  • Looking to duplicate and enter to resolve this. 
  • Is this one time / recurring – add automatically & detect no shows to remove if stale. 

Brand sponsorships

Sponsorships – are club hosts allowed to earn through sponsorships

  • We love that & want creators to make money
  • If brands want to pay them to host great conversations
  • We want to help this to happen more
  • I am WOW gameshow is a good example
  • There are laws around disclosing sponsorships properly
  • Lookign to add more to community guidelines 

Languages for Creator First applications

What language should people be applying in. hosting in native language – Should I upload & complete in native or English?

  • Yes you can apply any language
  • Most shows will probably be English language as we are mostly supporting that currenrtly
  • Will find resources to assess and moderate those applications 
  • Sure we will get other languages on the platform through programme too 

Room search

Room search – people would like to search for rooms by words? 

  • Agree we should add this!!
  • Scheduled rooms & need to find – harder than it should be
  • Should be feed & calendar! 
  • Club show work around, this week adding next or in progress show to the club itself!! 
  • Ideal keyword search when something happens in real world and people will be discussing 

Confirmations joining rooms?

Confirmation when joining room, accidental click
Could we preview room in feed, of profiles / maybe audio? 

  • Confirmation from feed – we won’t do!
    Would me we failed design 
  • Confirmations every time would be bad experience 
  • Sneak Peek – good feature, but bad for creator
    Will always prioritise creator first 
  • Like idea of see profiles of people in room before you enter 

    not top priority 

Suggesting & hiding rooms

Is there plans for a suggest a room feature? 
As well as hide them? 
And could we do on the calendar

  • Yes we should do this!! 

Disabling speaker notifications push

Possibility to turn off notifications to I am speaking for followers, when in different rooms

  • Plans for this 3-4 weeks out
  • Subject to change 

Disabling club notifications

Anyway to turn off clubs notifications not people? 

  • Great idea – we are auditing notifications 
  • Lots to improve them coming 
  • Just hired on discovery team 
  • What is and isn’t useful – trying to understand what is and isn’t working right now! 


When on android?

  • Saw preview on Android this week 
  • It works & very exciting 
  • 4-6 weeks – Team working hard on this now
  • So important to us to get this out RIGHT 
  • May would be exciting!! 



What should I do if I see something hateful / undesirable? 
Don’t want to be in the room 

  • Can only report from user profile or in room
  • ToS violation is at user level 
  • Design for new model to report from outside room level 
  • Please do report it
  • Top left user is the main room creator mod, and we will check this if you join late and report user

Non audio recording in transcriptions
Can we recap & add blogs if no permissions? 

  • If you do show – you can do your way!
  • We should make it easy 
  • They shouldn’t be able to record if you don’t want them to
  • Always creator first 
  • We should build tools to make easier and to enforce this 
  • Audio recordings & transcriptions not allowed unless expressly gotten permission 
  • ToS doesn’t say to letter what is and isn’t allowed – specifically get permission- (?Jess? head of policy)
  • Adding Recording to title not required but nice concept. 

People are blocking and sending reports because users are competitors 
More protection available on this? 

  • This is violation of ToS
  • Looking to make easier & better reporting tools 
  • We want to detect people weaponising the tools 
  • We are actively working on this week 
  • More details welcomed to help us understand

How to get traction - is it too late?

So many conversations & topics already. 
Is it too late to start in established topic areas?
DO we need to do daily shows to stand out & get noticed? 

  • 100% NOT TO LATE!!
  • Billions of people in the world – so many topics and takes on any given topic
  • What about new formats we haven’t seen yet? 
  • They come because of YOU!
    And your specific take on the room!
    You are funny, smart etc… 
  • Thinking formats ;
    • nIght time story telling
    • open mics
    • comedys shows
    • 24 hours news shows – not seen yet
    • meditation sessions
    • podcasts after shows 
    • Pr, in and post game shows 
    • journalists sharing their news 
    • political candidates for town halls 
    • book tours 
    • conferences 
  • Think how many Youtube channels
  • Think how many TV Channels 
  • Think how many Websites 
  • Daily is great as helps people connect & builds relationships but not 100% necessary 
  • World is BIG and getting bigger – maybe follow new people so not all the same in your feed

Final Thoughts...

Thank you all for coming – always mind blown that people spend some of their weekend with us, it’s all about the people. It’s a blank canvas filled with the faces of the amazing creative people! 

We are all immensely grateful for you being here & we are in rooms throughout the week


Clubhouse Are Still


📈 Data Analyst
📈 Product Data Scientist


👋 General application


📅 Recruiting Coordinator


🕵️‍♀️ Trust & Safety Specialist
🛡️ Trust & Safety Senior Specialist

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