Clubhouse 21st March 2021

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news & your questions answered by the founders Paul Davison, Rohan Seth & the team from Clubhouse, at their weekly Town Hall

Hosted By

  • @Paul 
  • @Rohan
  • @Anu
  • @StephSimon 

WEDNESDAYS 6pm PT – New User Orientation 
SUNDAY 9am PT – Town Hall


Submit throughout the week & we will prioritise the most commonly asked questions. 


This week the Clubhouse Town Hall was at FULL capacity with 5,000 people tuned in live and a number of relay rooms rebroadcasting the town hall so more people could listen in! 

This Week On Clubhouse @StephanieSimon

??NAME?? = Unsure of the correct name / spelling despite research
  • As Steph celebrated a personal milestone this week was all about Celebrating Milestones 
  • Any day’s a good day to be alive – Especially specific days in our lives; birthday, dream come true, promotion, big win, milestones deserve to be acknowledged!!
  • Milestones come with a story, where room shared, people huddle to listen on Clubhouse
  • The Authenticated – 88th Bday of Ruth Bader-Ginsburg – with children James and Patrice they shared favourite memories, and her favourite desert – her husbands frozen lime soufflé 
  • Demi Levato shared release date for her new album – Dancing with the devil – in her first room & details on her new docu-series and released her Glamour mag cover and received flowers from fans who came in
  • Christina Wiliams & several WNBA players celebrated the 25th anniversary – respects to pioneers, and looking to leave WMBA better than when they found it like the women before them 
  • ?Beghani? – 100th lovebomb – if you haven’t checked it out you should go and let the compliments wash over you 
  • John Mayer surprises Axel in lullaby club to sing ‘stop this train’ for 65 nights of singing clubhouse to sleep 
  • ?lacy/lady sue? celebrated her birthday with drew takhiota and bevvy/bebby & her new clubhouse friends, proceeds going to stop Asian hate 
  • 15th anniversary of Princes 3121 album & house parties – former manager Ruth Arzate help the Reuniion w/Shiela E. & Dave Chappelle
  • ?guy checherolly? hosted her US Green Card Celebration, love to Will, and reflections on the american dream 
  • Josh Constein, had Mark Zuckerberg & Shopfiy founder Tobias Lütke 
  • First artist, Finch, did live production of honeybears in likeness of the 3 ?syons?
  • 1 year since lights came on for clubhouse
    • stories from early days 
    • First PTR
    • beginnings of The Cotton Club
    • 12 day room hosted by late nights, early mornings – still the longest running room on clubhouse 
    • reminisce about ?Francine? holding court for us in london in early days 
    • visit from unofficial ?mayor in nestbalm? 
    • Dan, shot his shot, and got coffee date with Paul 


  • Seen lots of fundraisers for STOP ASIAN HATE 
  • It’s terrible it’s happening and hopeful CH can help move things forward & appreciates the awareness being brought to that cause. 
  • Nice to take breath and look at all friends we made her 
  • Look at how much we have still to do.. 
  • Can’t wait for year 2/3 and beyond 

Drue Kataoka, Swan Sit & Kat Kole


Product Roadmap - @Paul

  • Creator First Programme
    • We want people to see amazing conversations on clubhouse every time they log on
    • Maybe need babyitter
    • Maybe need equipment 
    • We want tools to helpo everyone to do this at scale. 
    • 20 shows from emerging creators
  • 3 month programme 
  • Help you create, promote and get paid
  • Take the learning and build into product 

World tour kicked off this week… 

  • Talking language and experience & what’s unique in different areas of the world. 
  • Want to meet creators in different areas of the world


  • Submit for approval today / tomorrow to App Store, but sometime it can take longer than expected. 
  • Should be LIVE day after if noissues
  • Fix to notifications tab 
    • Large percentage 5-10 or more stuck to the top & news buried at the bottom – so stick some and have overflow so you have activity feedback 
  • Trust & Safety tooling 
  • Follow suggestions should consider interests 
  • What has highest tap through rate 


  • Growth is important – more people it will be for everyone. 
  • Keeping the wheels on – scaling properly & making things stable
  • Discovery – Investing heavily
    • Showing the right people suggestions 
    • Showing you clubs you should join
    • Top 3 rooms at the top when you open up
    • Making notifications GREAT
      • Don’t want you to miss out as it’s a LIVE service 
      • Don’t want to send too many 
      • Giving you tools to tell us what notifications you want
        • eg Always show me / never notify me for this person 
  • In Room Experience 


  • Hired more for discovery team 
  • Club search and user search being worked on right now – Coming soon

Helping club founders to manage memberships and grow over time.

  • Only see members, not followers – so need to convert & want to fix that & make easier
  • Want people to invite from within and without CH 
  • Grow reach every time you host your show 


Invite Model

Do you anticipate changing invite model soon? And will you change to NOT need invites? 

  • Not building exclusive, we want to build for everyone. 
  • Working hard to open to whole world ASAP 
  • Not open yet – scaling too quickly can break community, each time we expand it gets better not worse. 
  • Invite – means we let you decide who joins, you get more the more you are involved on the platform
  • You get invites based on how good the people you invite are too!
    • Invite more people like ‘Michael’
  • Been nice way to grow so far
  • A lot left to do on scalability, to ensure the experience scales too!
  • Don’t need to grow faster but in thoughtful way
  • Hard to know when we will move remove the invite wall – Hopefully in the coming months 
  • So many incredible creators on CH but we want those not her to host their conversations here and to bring their communities over with them. 
  • If you have a club on clubhouse, nomination will attribute to their profile, by using the club invite link. 
  • Android & localisation very important 
  • If you have a club & you want to bring people in then please drop us a message ; 
  • Accessibility is something we are looking at a lot as we open up – Want to make feel native for them
  • Users can sign up [ ] & we let people who they know on CH know, so they can let them in without using invite!


Can you show us rooms that are popular for everyone.?
Don’t follow lots but want to know the top rooms.
Like to see popularity first and topics based 

  • Mya Watson – Joined & is building out our approach to programming 
    • Follow who you want and we will show rooms accordingly
  • Topic graph is active now – only 150 topics ATM 
    • We can show you some rooms, and people to follow
  • Need to consider editorial – even if not connected and you are not following – but don’t want to be blunt because user base is SO diverse. 

Directory listings

How do you get suggested in directory as expert, and how do clubs get shown? 

  • It is basic right now…
    • People who say they are interested in this topic, disproportionally follow this person
    • We want to improve this a lot
    • Independant of topics you follow right now 
    • Clubs that say they are associated to topics 
    • Activity of the club
    • How recently they hosted rooms 

Be a good speaker and host great conversations. People who follow one consistent topic you speak on will gain you more repeat listeners & increase discoverability. 

?Fya? working with ?Mya? & Steph workoing on creators, media partnerships & amazing convos are happening on CH – music and media areas, constantly supported and have tols & audiences are growing 

Club member info

I want to find more about people who follow or join my club?
What features to help with this? 

  • Considering
    • Before I add as member – I want to have more info to see if they join private rooms I host.
    • I want more audience analytics to understand better so it suits them.
  • We want to support club founders building their communities if they want more curated audience for conversations. 
  • Peak listeners
  • Co-current listeners 
  • Retentions rate 
  • Want all club member to have transparency
  • We don’t want to build business based on ads, but more creators earning from creating things people want. 
  • We want to hold as little data as possible 

Physical events on Clubhouse

I’m thinking of hosting usual offline event on CH, what should I consider and know more about the experience this would be on CH? 

  • Lots of small conferences with Cocktail party on CH 
  • No plan to build full events platform 
  • We want to allow people to monetise, like tickets rooms
  • Want o empower creators and hosts
  • Not gonna do video or enterprise solution – at least anytime soon
  • Most excited about being the hall way of an event for casual conversation
  • Wouldn’t view us as full featured events platform, but most people love those hallways conversations & ask questions of speakers. 
  • Let us know and we can work with you.

Volume control

Large volume differences between speakers, would be good to have more control of each speakers audio. 

  • It should not do that, so sorry if you have experienced it
  • Prefer to equalise across all speakers
  • We are building out the team 15 now & dozen joining in next week or two, and some can help with this, to fix soon 

@Rohan – be good to detect different volumes etc. but wouldn’t work for all room experiences. Interested to consider how w could fix this. 


Breakout rooms

Get a room button when in a room
Would be nice – as not enough time to chat in room

  • Is already way to breakout to another room 
    • Tap profile photo and start breakout room / side conversation 
    • They get ping to start new room together
    • It will let you know and stay in room if ‘not now’
    • New room created with two of you as speakers and starts private and we could open out if we wanted

Recording rooms

Heard recording will be available and will this be all or some room types? Think this will change the dynamic on listen live vs recordings? 

  • Recording is creator first 
  • Should be able to if you want, with permission of the speakers
  • We should make easier, and show speakers when recording so they know and agree on way to stage
  • Does it change the dialogue for everyone, and make more people hesitant to talk and join stage
  • If we host content – would people listen later and queues of content so doesn’t feel the same & work to catch up!!
  • If we did introduce, it would be creator driven – enable or not by choice 
  • Don’t think we would archive at Clubhouse 


Heard monetisation, when will we see this?
And what will we see firsT? 
Will we be able to control payments in app? 

  • Plan to do it soon
    • Direct payments – Like people using cashapp in bio currently 
    • Subscriptions – membership model
    • Paid events – Ticketing 
    • Like to facilitate brand sponsorships – Connecting and supporting people who curate and create great conversations
  • Actively working on it but no timeline yet
  • Likely to take longer than expected

IRL Clubhouse for events

Do you have an IRL Clubhouse – would you ever host rooms or events in person? 

  • We talked about this 
  • Want to do local meetups & meet people in different cities across the world
  • ?Mya? suggested physical rooms and clubhouse in person
  • NO, not even an office 
    • Will probably get after COVID under control
  • Love idea of huge community rooms & meetups


Follow suggestions

Recently got followers at once but wasn’t in room.
How did people discover me & work out if they are real or bots? 

  • Can be discovered a number of ways 
    • In room
    • Tap on other people as suggested ‘also follow’ suggestion
    • Recommended by others 
  • Please support fake accounts

Copycat apps

Was your app really available on PC? 
Seems there might be alternative online…

  • No not on PC / Android!
  • Seen huge ecosystem of tools for CH
    • For bios
    • Event listings
    • Chats for events
    • Analytics
  • Grateful for tools, but we don’t know developers, and their intentions or security of those tools. 
  • There are people trying to impersonate Clubhouse 
    Could be harmful and data exploitations
    • @JoinClubhouse on Twitter
    • @Clubhouse on Instagram

Sponsorship transparency

Should users know if users or clubs sponsored or being paid? 

  • I think should be transparent 
  • Plan to make tools to keep this transparent 
  • Looking at how to support this in the right way 
  • Want to embrace brands to support creators & match better
  • In interest of direct creator monetisation

Follow requests

Mods or speakers saying you should follow them to get access to stage. 
Is this 

  • Not exactly against community guidelines or terms of service to demand this 
  • Cultural norm against asking others to do something they might not want to do
  • Tools to help manage this already – like people who are followed by speakers
  • You can limit who can ask questions to followed by speakers / Club members & followers 
  • Would help people to follow the club / users
  • If you see it tip into spam please let us know ASAP 

Creator first accelerate programme

Excited to hear about it. Can you tell us how you will be evaluating – what makes a ‘good creator on Clubhouse? 

  • We will have multiple programmes 
  • First time we have done this type of accelerator 
  • It will evolve over time
  • Ask you to define what you want & to include audio of you and what it’s about or sample of existing show?
  • If you don’t have economic needs – we want to help you & reach broad set of creators. 
  • Focus on high frequency shows, like daily format like; 
    • Tune into NEWS NEWS NEWS when getting ready 
    • 10pm can listen to GOOD TIME 
  • Once a week high production is ok too
  • Interactive & participatory 
  • Breadth & high frequency 
  • Received high number ( 1000s ) and can’t even imagine what people will come up with
  • Might come up with call for shows in future 


Broadway production tonight from
Freestyle Love Supreme

Final Thoughts...

Clubhouse is nothing without the people, and everything with the people.

Past few weeks have been crazy with recruiting more team, but we are excited to ship more features in coming weeks, and hopefully you like it.

Have a great weekend. 
Happy Sunday


Clubhouse Are Still


General application


📅 Recruiting Coordinator


🕵️‍♀️ Trust & Safety Specialist
🛡️ Trust & Safety Senior Specialist

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