Clubhouse Sun 7th March 2021

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news & your questions answered by the founders Paul Davison, Rohan Seth & the team from Clubhouse, at their weekly Town Hall

Hosted By

  • @Paul 
  • @Rohan
  • @Anu
  • @StephSimon 

WEDNESDAYS 6pm PT – New User Orientation 


Submit throughout the week & we will prioritise the most commonly asked questions. 


This week the Clubhouse Town Hall was at FULL capacity with 5,000 people tuned in live and a number of relay rooms rebroadcasting the town hall so more people could listen in! 

This Week On Clubhouse @StephanieSimon

??NAME?? = Unsure of the correct name / spelling despite research
  • The team have spent time connecting with peps outside of the states
  • This week we have seen the key role interpreter / translator rising up on the platform with a focus on cultural translation, being sensitive of the language art & educational impacts and how they affect different users, considering other International minds, perspectives & backgrounds. 
  • Creating a space for the differently-abled community to be heard and felt – ??Abraxas and Tiffany Yew??
  • Breaking barriers on transition from physical to digital art with NFTs various hosts; ??Beeple??  ??Blouse?? Steve Aoki, Diplo Paris Hilton & many more (lots musicians)
  • Shared challenges and uprising journeys, with rooms within AAPI community, with the stop asian hate campaigns – ??several rooms none named??
  • Many have used humour in unlikely moments and characters – Malcolm McDowell hosted by Ash Avildsen and Wesley Snipes  
    ??*Brief gitch* ck Jones (best guess Nick jones?
    [ Against ToS }
  • Discussing the power of voice as an instrument rather than medium –
    Roger lever via clubpod
  • Hidden history of cooperation and communalism in US –
    ??Digital chief officer – Michael Slevys new book All the people’ hosted by my opinion best cultural interpreters – James Andrews  and the authenicated
  • Imagine the future of finance, music, heritage and, tech with – ??Barbara Ann Bernard?? ??Steve marchochi?? Steve Martocci, Dan Hicks and WILL.I.AM
  • As you host each other & teach each other in this way – think who is acting as cultural interpreters 

Drue Kataoka, Swan Sit & Kat Kole


Product Roadmap - @Paul

  • Pushed release few days ago – Apologies for shift in timing 
    [ We are usually wrong on timing – Deadlines are approx – STARTUPS!] 
  • Club creation directly in app
    • Got an idea for recurring show- Series of rooms & conversation 
    • Community – Street fashion / EDM / Location based / Language based etc 
    • Private organisation 
      • HIT +
    • Most people can use now – if active on platform 
    • Max 2 clubs per month / user
  • Added higher quality audio – to test
    • Tap 3 dots upper right
    • Change to
      • HIGH – Singing (How they hear you)
      • MEDIUM 
      • LOW – Used for lower data usage / signal strength
  • Fix for cross border invites – sorted the country code issues 
    • Invites screen, you can resend it to update
  • Accessibility & Voiceover – thanks to 15% club
  • Updated Troll reporting
  • Simplified calendar removing all 
    • Tried to localise events
  • Updated community guidelines especially  around explicit things NOT allowed
  • Privacy Policies – esp around data sharing & friends connections etc.
  • We NEVER share data with affiliates or data brokers etc. 


  • Trust & Safety Updates
  • Adding Link to profile 
  • Adding Club Links 
  • Working on language filtering 





Excited to see club feature, could create in app directly. 
When will I be able to create one, as can’t currently

  • Limits to protect from bad actors 
  • And to stop people squatting on names 
  • Should be able to create as long as active in the app
  • Can only. create 2 Clubs per month

Club usage

How do you expect clubs to be used differently now in app

  • All about reducing friction
  • Will have massive impact on usage & frequency 
  • Waiting for approval was a lot of friction
  • Not fundamentally different
    Changing from months to days in speed of creations 
  • From spontaneous to planned clubs

Club names & copycats

Do you allow two clubs to have the same name?

  • Zoom out and look further out – Should we be name / username centric? 
  • We decided to be display name centric as more human, more real world
    Hence display name only, but can see on profile to distinguish. 
  • Display name not unique but username is!! 
  • Uniqueness of display name NOT limited 
    This would encourage squatting 
  • Clubs ranked – so earned prominence 
    Designed to show you the most relevant to you
  • Allow you to decide on meta data like followers, friends in club etc 
  • Personalised to you
  • Removes incentive to land grab names
  • Could be confusion in future – not immediately and we don’t like ‘passing off‘ – adding to the community guidelines
  • Currently got some unique checks – but looking to relax this @Rohan
    [ Primarily to stop people squatting brand names ] 

Protecting brand club names

Now anyone can create how will you protect brand names & check official accounts?

  • No blue checkmarks – Can link to other account to verify from other places
    • Important enough to verify (status)
    • Proves it’s the right person 
  • Room for editorial – Some curated rooms you might look 
  • Algorithmic and anyone can rise an host great conversations & build following 
  • Thinking best way to protect official brands
  • Against ToS to impersonate. another brand – REPORT IT

Club rankiing

How do you rank clubs in topic directory. 
Mine was ranked but isn’t now. 
Not sure how you rank- curius 

  • Basic right now
  • Constant evolution 
  • More and more personal over time
  • Won’t share exact – to prevent people gaming it
  • Considering 
    • Name of club
    • Tagged with topics
    • People who like topic X like this club
    • Is it active 
    • Active recently
    • Retention rates 
    • Do people you follow tend to follow this club? 
    • Do people ranked highly in this topic follow this clubs? 
  • If looking specifically should show you Specific club
  • If by topic – use your user data to show range of clubs 

Club repeat events

Be great to do repeating rooms for our clubs
Can do manually but then not connected to each other and club? 
Is this in the plan? 

  • Conversation series – What is club for? 
  • Database of events not tied to rooms originally 
  • Didn’t want lots of ‘zombie event‘ that didn’t happen
  • We will be looking tracking rooms that don’t happen 
  • People who put in all the time will be best most motivated hosts 
  • We do want to add it in 
  • Past & future events to get better understanding of the chat 
  • Helps you understand better what club is about 

Follow Suggestions

Follow suggestions based on topics vs language vs network. 
how can we give feedback on follow suggestions 

  • Two types 
    • In app
      • When you follow you see others you may want to follow
        Might not have enough data on that person – so may be generic follows for you – based on who you follow.
      • Changing all the time
        [ Tap sparkle next to someone – followed or not ] 
    • In topic directory
      • People who are interested in this topic are disproportionately following this person.
      • Adding in language based 

In App History

Love history section 
Would you consider a rooms I joined ?

  • Why you can’t scroll back – performance based 
  • Could be good to find people you enjoyed connecting with but didn’t connect in moment, and may want to follow up and host with them again
  • Rich opportunity – needs more data 
  1. Welcome more people  – Android & localisations 
  2. Performance – Scaling & Trust & Safety etc
  3. Discovery – Right people, rooms, clubs & conversation 
  4. In Room Experience – Mod Tools 


Would be able to translate the Town Hall live? 

  • Love that users are creating Town Hall recaps in other languages 
  • How do we do it – Scaling through user community 
  • Permission as speaker to do that on Clubhouse 
  • That system can scale!! 
  • Shame only in english right now 

Mod Mistakes

What are common mistakes mods can make? 

  • New user orientation Every Wed 6pm PT 
  • Not telling anyone about your show. 
    • Share and put in calendar & share it 
  • More on stage is good – but  be mindful who you have on stage
    Like Wikipedia – only works in practice!
  • Feels like live podcast – can be too sterile!
  • Need to make it participatory 
  • Bets hosts – have strong opinions & hold the space well, checking who comes up and who doesn’t and allowing others to speak 
  • Making everyone a moderator – makes for worse room 
  • Develop your own style!!
    They will follow you because of your style

Creator grants

When are you launching creator grant programme & who’s eligible? 

  • Discussions on how it will work but got more feedback so reworking 
  • Hope to have more info next week 

Payment to mod or run rooms

Can I accept payment to mod a room, or rent a room to brand or event? Will this be built in anytime soon? 

  • Excited to support this, as pro creator and community if done well
  • So may smart, funny thoughtful people bringing people together
  • Want them to get paid for bringing people. and conversations together
  • Clubhouse grows as users do
  • Working on helping people find each other & collaborate 

Clubhouse API

When is it planned to open clubhouse API access for third party developers? 

  • No definitive plans
  • Seen so many cool tools already – MIND BLOWN 
  • Time when we can’t support because it could put accounts at risk & untrusted developers. 
  • Would love to have public API – so people can build all sorts on top of Clubhouse  


Clubhouse bans & violations

What violations would get removed completely from app? 

  • Verified intentional trolling – ONE STRIKE POLICY 
  • Hate speech 
  • Multiple violations and suspensions 
  • Living documents – changing all the time 

Fake accounts

I started to see more accounts pretending to be celebs. Could we add feature to verify by users who hear them speak acknowledging and verifying?

  • Most verify by linking to Twitter / Instagram 
  • Reports from profile > Tap 3 dots > Impersonating someone 
  • Allow them to verify 

Preventing SCAMS & protecting users

Stance on free advice & ‘MILLIONAIRE SECRET’ rooms?
Could expose people to financial risks…

  • A lot of claims could be false 
  • How do we distinguish discussion and something that crosses the line
  • ToS against SCAMS 


Why can I see report for trolling only on some profiles? 

  • If on stage and someone is disrupting the stage
  • Can always tap & hold profile – report / remove from stage etc – MODS 
  • Looking to reword from trolling to ‘disrupting stage
  • Want to make more obvious 
    • Tap profile & find 
    • Button appears for people who might be high risk
      ( Generally newer accounts )
  • Not on all – A lot of real estate

If you were new today

If you just joined Clubhouse this week, what would you do? 
Lots of prominent users – should we do something different? 

  • Broadcast media – build following all the ay to private communications 
  • We excel in the middle ground!
    Small networks or one person removed, trusted but new to you. 
  • Use anywhere you like on the spectrum 
  • Building audience & hosting conversations
    • Early in life of Clubhouse 
    • Plenty of opportunities to grow following 
    • Start a Club & create a brand & description & tag topics 
    • Add events to calendar 
    • Create regular events – better for discoverability! 
    • Bring interesting guests – don’t be afraid to reach out!
    • Bring people from different worlds together 
    • Bring people with different perspectives & debate the topic
      Passionate Conversations
    • Not just to break the news but to process together…. 
    • Well established guests can grow your community by bringing their people
    • Make it participatory & native to Clubhouse 
    • Use audience to get introductions to great guests 
    • JUST USE THE APP – Room structure is powerful

Final Thoughts...

Clubhouse is untended to be a blank canvas filled with people from all over the world & all verticals… 

it would be nothing without you and it’s everything with you!


Clubhouse Are Still


General application


🕵️‍♀️ Trust & Safety Specialist
🛡️ Trust & Safety Senior Specialist

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