Clubhouse Sun 28th Feb 2021

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news & your questions answered by the founders Paul Davison, Rohan Seth & the team from Clubhouse, at their weekly Town Hall

Hosted By

  • @Paul 
  • @Rohan
  • @Anu
  • @StephSimon 

WEDNESDAYS 6pm PT – New User Orientation 


Submit throughout the week & we will prioritise the most commonly asked questions. 


This week the Clubhouse Town Hall was at FULL capacity with 5,000 people tuned in live and a number of relay rooms rebroadcasting the town hall so more people could listen in! 

This Week On Clubhouse @StephanieSimon

  • Andrew Ross Sorken hosted BIll Gates – Cocktails 
  • NFTs being discussed all the time – including right now! 
  • Lullaby club had a special guest Tom Higgenson from the Plain White T’s
    [ YES he did sing Hey There Delilah ]
  • Abraxas Higgins and the 15% Club host a welcome and walkthrough with a screenreader for blind users on Clubhouse
  • 1st mental health summit on Clubhouse with TWO special moments 
  • Noah Lichtenstein hosted round table on mental health with atheletes including ?Coven Love? 

CELEBRATING BLACK CREATORS – Last week of Black History Month 

  • The Community gathered to support Texas
    • Thanks to Noelle Chesnut Whitmore, Harold Hughes, Julie Wenah, Nate Jones, Tony Tie, Domo, and Denise Hamilton 
  • Supporting Texas $150,000 raised 
  • Mumu Fresh,  Etienne Maurice, Leyroy Church and 4 casts of Dreamgirls – Sung their hearts out!
  • Dozens of  black Drs &medical professionals  took to Clubhouse to combat myths COVID19 & Vaccines including ; 
    ?Dr Leah Stoney?
    ?Dr Freta Zakehia? 
    ?Adrea? and the
  • Some held space for black future & NFTs an Crypto  ;
    ??Lady Pheonix, MacGyver and Cyprobuzzle??
  • Brave conversation together & Allies
    Thanks ?Maisey, Lupe, Logic and Culture Currency?? for creating space
  • Afro-American literature is not monolithic + heavy reading. It’s best done and internalised together – ?Jay Edward Barnes, berd timber thurston? bringing the texts to life on Clubhouse
  • Composers of colour + black electronic music – Inside Out Club, The Warehouse, Cornelius Harris and John Collins – Thanks for expanding imprint of grasp of influence of african americans on music
  • We saw new black renaissance across architecture, film , photography and entertainment, – ?Darnell Strom? and Felicia Horowitz  let us join dinner table.
  • Led us to a speakeasy – Strange fruit can bear new growth and change – Bomani and ?Kadir? for The Cotton Club innovating new formats on Clubhouse
  • Most nominations this week went to @drtgif
    • Jay Edward Barnes — founder of reading while black club
    • 15 books this year
    • 10 this month
    • One of a kind podcast/community 
    • 4 years anniversary (Feb 1 2017 started)
    • Authors stopped by
      • ?jemar tisby?
      • ?t s ellymone?
      • Charles blow
      • Bought books for youth
      • Created an online space to digest black literature
      • Non monolithic black books – HEAVY books this month Bought books for incarcerated youth in……
      • Blind even joined in, using accessibility & audio books and Clubhouse to join in
  • @noellecw
    • Noelle Chesnut Whitmore
    • Lion King exec producer, brings people and leads community
    • Hosted Texas Fundraiser and hosted conversations on Black History Month and new project
    • Tesxas fundraiser was not just me ?tony, nate, denise, swan. keith, jerry, wayne?  came together in less 24 hrs to put together concert
    • $75000 in first few hours
    • SXSW programming led to around $150000 funds all 100% to Texas!
    • Host convo with zendaia , sam Levinson for Malcom and Marie
    • In spirit of world peace, hinted at next venture with Bomani – producing global Jam Session

I pop up
& leave

  • @iambomanix
  • Founder of The Cotton Club
  • Spent time with Lee and cast of  US Vs Billie Holiday
  • Friday was full circle moment – from that random night Aug 19th
  • Cotton Club created a Speak Easy where all gusests  turn profiles to Black & White Photos of musicians
  • 27 weeks later here we are!!
  • End of BHM hosting with Lee Daniels & US Vs Billy Holiday movie
  • Had to push himself to do interview
  • More jam sessions planned with Noelle
  • He’s also been celebrated by Foot Action for what he’s doing!

  • @leyroychurch
    • Artistic Director & Dreamgirls picked up the baton for live shows
    • Including 4 Casts and created big opportunities on Clubhouse
    • Attended Lion King on CLubhouse & was inspired, but was also in Broadway production of the same show!
    • There has been an open letter to theatre, directors and casting
      ‘we see you’ we need change and change now! 
      What led him to CH to create with so many inspiring other creators 
      Dreamgirls on again today at 1pm & 7pm ET 
      Trended with Effie yesterday!!
      Proud and grateful to CH for providing the opportunity 

Steph – grateful for making BHM a special one and bringing together for a better future. 

Drue Kataoka, Swan Sit & Kat Kole


Product Roadmap - @Paul

  •  Notify those you follow first, then everyone else, to allow you to setup then open up the room.  – @Rohan!
  • No release past week, but 2 this week. Tuesday ish
  • Role out to more established people first, those who have hosted nd been in rooms as speakers. 
  • Basic version but more improvements coming 
  • Higher quality Audio -testing when all 
  • Links to Profile coming, so they can find you and follow 
  • Links to clubs – to share and get people direct to the club
  • Adding features to tell when rooms not relevant & say why not relevant, language, no interest, so we can learn best how to show you better feeds over time
  • Buttons by notifications, stacking up and making notifications unusable.
    Older ones likely to expire & creating overflow tray 
  • New App icon incoming – Plan for every few weeks not months apart. 

MUSIC MODE – Accidentally mentioned by @ANU



Trending rooms
Will there ever be popular rooms, but not based relevant by my interests? 

  • Plan to do 5, 10 or 20 
  • Best follow suggestions
  • Clubs to follow
  • Rooms that are happening 
  • Best notifications 
  • Alot of work could be done here.
  • WOULD show rooms not based on your follow graph, because of INTERESTS – so please set them and get ready for that roll out
  • Some global trending rooms may be of interest to you – so want you not to miss them 
  • Editorial stuff, global trending topic based & more relevant over time. 

Will you make ability to click profile and find. the room they are in? 

  • Side right to left & click profile & join room
    Only for those you follow who also follow you back 
  • Could add people you follow, and from profile
  • Started you follow who also follow you ? 

Follower visibility

Like to see if people who follow me are in room without scrolling? 

  • Best atm is sidebar – ‘IN ROOM WITH YOU’ 
  • 3 dots – search room to see if people in room with you 
  • Would like to have
  • People followed by speakers – but may add in section for people who follow you. 

'Follower Jail'

I’m in follow jail – hard to connect with new people. 
What’s the right number to follow


  • Rate limits (Around 2500)
  • Only certain number within a set time period
  • By deign to not SPAM other people – Stops people doing mass Follow For Follow
  • You should follow people who you are genuinely interested in
  • Common across most networks & best for experience
  • More you follow – more rooms you will see, and noisier it will become
  • If you would REALLY enjoy hearing from them then FOLLOW

Room numbers & high profile speakers

Popular person joins and the numbers explode
Why is this? 

  • Trigger notification when up to speak 
  • If you are in the room – it means it becomes visible to your followers
  • Always changing but directionally why it happens

Room timings & visibility

Please make BIG interviews at regular time. 
Trying to provide value to guests, and these cause disruption 

  • 6 rooms I wanted to be in….
    Stories of Steve Jobs – original Mac / Apple team 
    Diana in good time team 
    Wycliffe started a room
  • All part of the experience 
  • It’s about lack of visibility
  • Guest could be last minute, or pop in as a surprise
  • Our Job to help you get visibility of what else is on calendar at that time
  • Help you work out ideal times for your shows. 
  • Continue opening clubhouse so more people to draw in 
  • Open up android etc to make this better 
  • We even had to move user orientation 
  • MOre issue as more creators join 

Room experience

Room design. 
What features you are planning on adding in & when ? 

  • Welcoming more people to CH for more great conversations 
  • Adding Android localisation, monetisation 
  • 4 features – only caught 3
  • More focussed on scaling and discovery next couple of weeks. 
  • Roadmap steered by feedback from community 

Room duration

Is there a time limit on room duration ? 
Should there be? 
Can we see all start times in feed 

  • NO LIMIT – Late night. early mornings – 12 days room possible record? 
  • Love rooms being organic 
  • Paul loves rooms with no titles – as interesting to see the flow
  • If people are there having fun then should 
  • Focussed rooms – end times work 
  • Causal chats – more go with the flow
  • May be new wave of people hence extended

Stage Management

Can clubhouse set limit to stage limits?
And maybe moderator numbers? 

  • No perfect number – too many formats 
  • Let user community use as they see feels right 
  • We think experience would steer how people use it 

Like Wikipedia – an idea that shouldn’t work but only does in practice!

  • Max number of mods – lots of speakers is good, but lots of Mods results in bad rooms. Mod status is focused on TRUST 
  • A lot of people thing making someone MOD sends more notifications – NOT TRUE!
  • NO hard limit from us, but down to you to decide 

Moderator actions in rooms

Can Clubhouse provide list of actions by moderators after room has ended? 

  • WHY….?
  • Intentionally not added – so mods can do without fear of retribution 
  • creator first – you start room – you are in control 
  • A lot fo product usage for mods to see what others are up to, and could be useful

Android App - AGAIN

When is it out?  How plan to allocate invites for user? Still participations? 

  • Working on Android now
  • No timeframe – coming months 
  • Invites same as currently on iOS


Once self approved will those on list get approved 

  • Screen for things violating terms of service 
  • YES – Absolutely, we want created 
  • Notify everyone & help them get setup 

SCALING – Does members vs followers matter? 

  • Grow audience – same thing 
  • Only difference members only PRIVATE rooms 

How will monetisation affect clubs? 

  • Hopefully positive way 
  • Tools that allow. users on app to monetise 
  • Maybe subscriptions / dues for clubs or specific rooms
  • Direct speaker tipping
  • Will allow creators to earn from those interested in great experience & conversation 

Creator programme

How can we join creator programme? 

  • Steph has pilot programme with panel group to see what features they want and how they are using 
  • Goal is to build tools and features to all 

Brands on Clubhouse

If I am a brand rep or owner;
How can I best use or get involved with Clubhouse? 

  • Accounts should NOT be profiles 
  • Real name service 
  • Club level is best way currently


Trust & Safety

How are investigations undertaken and ban periods set? 

  • Help from users – Self moderating.  – more in ToS & Community Guidelines 
  • Want to hold as little data as possible on rooms & conversations 
  • Originally nothing i recorded ever
    But then needed temp encrypted buffer to investigate reports of trust and safety – only used to investigate. 
  • If nothing reported, then not saved beyond the rooms
  • Big team on support & trust & safety 
  • Warn, suspend or remove depending on severity of issue. 
  • Details internal guidelines on decision making – living document so always changing
  • No specifics means people can’t game it!! 
  • Job will never be done 

Data privacy

Does Clubhouse share data with 3rd parties for commercial now or plan to in future. 

  • NO – Affirmative 
  • We don’t want business built on ads
  • Updated privacy should make crystal clear 

Account privacy

Would you consider account options to approve followers? 

  • Others – single binary decision 
  • Ours is per room 
    • Specific people 
    • only those you follow
    • Only Club 
  • Done at club level


Would you re-consier soft block to hard block 

  • We don’t tell them for clarity
  • They won’t be able to see your room 
  • If you end up in room with someone you don’t want to be there with in room. Would be awkward. So feel this was best way to handle it. 
  • We decide based on your feedback 

Content types

What is one type of content you would like to see more of? 

  • Voice is flexible medium 
  • Range of formats people have come up with is incredible 
  • Voice is relatively new on social but it’s the oldest medium – been talking to know people, pass on knowledge. We want Clubhouse to be reflection of that. 
  • Daily news programming – Such a good fit for the platform
    • Reading the headlines to help you understand what’s happening
    • Talk show hosts do this through jokes.  
    • Reliable slots walking people through the news – Paul would do this, and they will support 
    • Something like the daily show – @anu
    • Getting ready listen to someone sharing thoughts on the latest news @paul 

Final Thoughts...

Thanks for being part of clubhouse. Appreciate you being here during special family time. CLubhouse is a blank slate. filled with amazing gpeople. Nothing without them abd everything with them We are open to more of your feedback and it shapes th product. 

We are immensely grateful that we get to spend our time building this product. 


Clubhouse Are Still


General application


🕵️‍♀️ Trust & Safety Analyst
🛡️ Trust & Safety Senior Analyst

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