Clubhouse Sun 21st Feb 2021

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news & your questions answered by the founders Paul Davison, Rohan Seth & the team from Clubhouse, at their weekly Town Hall

Hosted By

  • @Paul 
  • @Rohan
  • @Anu
  • @StephSimon 

WEDNESDAYS 6pm PT – New User Orientation 


Submit throughout the week & we will prioritise the most commonly asked questions. 


This week the Clubhouse Town Hall was at FULL capacity with 5,000 people tuned in live and a number of relay rooms rebroadcasting the town hall so more people could listen in! 

This Week On Clubhouse @StephanieSimon

  • We have seen a lot of community action on Clubhouse this week
  • A place for Real-Time Collective reactions
    ‘What can we do’ – has become the most common question.
    The Community coming together is incredible. 
    • 1000s Japanese community experienced a 7.1 force earthquake LIVE – and come together to see how could they help each other 
    • Over last year 5m women forced out of their jobs, setting women back more than 3 decades, and had several step up to raise awareness of this
    • Brit Morin has brought her self made series to Clubhouse (and is offering up 100+ full rights scholarships – Starting March 1st)
    • Reshma Saujani (Lawyer & Politician) Founder of Girls Who Code is teaming up with Samantha Barry – Editor In Chief – Glamour Magazine to galvanise support from legislators, in a Marshall Plan for mums.
    • Tina Craig (@bagsnob), @BrianBoy & Susie Lau (@SusieBubble) popular Instagram creators come together – bringing their anti asian racism awareness campaign to  clubhouse 
    • Jason Ma, Suzie Ryu, Drew Kataoka & Andrew Lee came together to discuss actionable steps for this campaign, Raising $10k in one sitting!!
    • Listened to ?Edward Cassia?  described  Austin terrible state of Austin  Texas, thanks to the winter storms. MOVED TO TEARS 
      ‘Just a concert promoter’
      But really turned into a relief worker to help neighbours & community in South Austin 
    • In less than 24 hours, a powerhouse team lead by Noelle Chesnut Whitmore & several of Clubhouse’s Texas natives Denise Hamilton, Julie Wenah & Harold Hughes joined forces to organise a week long fundraiser to support local initiative in Texas organisations
  • Last week black history month
    • Feels like Clubhouse has been a front row seat to unfolding of the future of black America
    • We have been lending support to amplify black creators 
    • This section will be supporting creators and moments next weeks town hall.

Drue Kataoka, Swan Sit & Kat Kole


Product Roadmap - @Paul

  • Project 2 weeks out as moving so quickly
  • Focus on Scaling & Infrastructure
  • 10m weekly active users this week 
  • Scaling support & Trust & safety
  • Focus on scaling and all around that
  • pull up in app club creation – been hoping to process, but need to move in app now to resolve. 
  • This week hopefully; 
    • Linke to profile 
    • Link to club 
    • Testing higher quality audio 
    • One off events feature
    • In app club creation 

Grateful for your patience. 

More work over discovering and in room experience over next few weeks.


Moderator Reputation

Moderator reputation – Is there a way for user moderators to raise visibility, based on 

  • Love idea
  • Happens behind the scenes (informally) already  – Collectives cross pollinate clubs 
  • Possibly training or certification
  • How do you let people know you are a good moderator?
    Mainly by word of mouth? 
  • Mention at end of the room & highlight in profile open to mod! 
  • Like idea to match people in background. 
  • Steph and people been matching people informally already. 
  • Talking about productisation of this. 
  • Philosophically – all in for this 
  • A lot of brand asking Clubhouse for who’s a great person to host this 
    • People creating production companies focussed on shows for Clubhouse

Mod Badges

Mod Badges – Can you explain thinking on making mood badges invisible to stop gaming or status positioning

  • Originally on clubhouse no such thing as Moderator 
  • Speaker / Audience had no mod
    So anyone could invite anyone – BAD EXPERIENCE 
  • Quickly the creator of room lost control 
  • Only room creator has control with MOD BADGE 
  • We saw people using 1/2 additional mods
  • Mod badge doesn’t increase size of room & no more notifications!!
  • Be careful how you use it – doesn’t create better experience 
  • Mod badge does pin to the top 
    So looking at way to accommodate this 
  • Don’t give out unnecessarily – Hurts control as a creator 
  • Led by community – so looking at how people use them 
  • Continue to evolve based on feedback 

Monetisation & Distribution

Can you share more on tipping to creator directly in platform? 
How would the audience know who to donate to?
Or who did what work? 

  • Tipping in app –  will it be specific creator, room or club
  • We are looking to Tip specific creator, (because of these questions)
  • How will people know who created best contribution and made for best conversation. 
  • Don’t want to add to creator role… 
    Do they need to distribute – additional work 
  • Pay people directly for what they have done 
  • Show host get a cut of the tips. 
    Would this encourage the clubs to host more great conversations 
  • We want to learn – Will be tested on a subset of people for a couple of weeks. See how it works and what works well/badly
  • Always unintended outcomes from any feature launch. 
  • Got to be thoughtful on monetisation 
  • PRIMARILY : At creator level not the club / room level 

Brand Sponsorships

Creator Brand Sponsorships  – your rules on accepting money for hosting?  

  • Want to build tools to support that 
  • Subscriptions and club fees – membership dues. 
  • Thinking about Musical, fireside chats etc 
  • Want to support those doing FT & want to support that more

Monetisation - App Currency

In App currency – Heard about coins on platform, is this affiliated with Clubhouse? Would you recommend using this?   

  • Not affiliated & NOT recommended to use!!!
  • Looking to formally build in creators to transfer money and to get paid directly for experiences they are creating
  • Want to keep safe, frictionless and maximising economics for creators. 

Club Creation

Club creation limits.
If you apply for own club, will you be disqualified from club creation if admin of another club ? 

  • No 
  • Don’t want inactive clubs to get in way of active clubs 
  • Make it as easy as possible to create but highlight the most active best float to the top 
  • Lead to highest quality conversations
  • Only thing making slow – is our internal ability to approve right now. 
  • How would this b ranks?
    • How many rooms crated
    • Retention
    • Number of people you follow in the club? 

Club Discovery

Can you make it easier to find clubs that I lead or have started ? 
And make it easier to invite people to clubs from profiles? 

  • Way clubs are displayed is BAD right now!
  • they all appear the same, irrespective of if  you are a member or you ruin club on your profiles
  • We want to show upcoming events on profile too
  • When we open the create club in app, we need to consider;
    • Where is entry point
      • Profile
      • Directory
      • Settings 
  • You can currently only invite someone if they follow you also 
    This feature is thought out to prevent SPAM 
  • Got to look at when would you encounter someone to and want to invite them? 
  • Ideally we would be looking at within a room, so then you could invite to club because they were in a room of interest
  • Not in room and inviting to club
    We need to look at UI for choosing WHICH club you are trying to invite them to
  • Need to show in UI why you can only add those you follow, so it is clearer why you can add some people and not others

Organisations On Clubhouse

Planning clubhouse for organisations? 
How have you seen people use for this?  

  • Yes all the time. 
  • Create a club and make private – hiding the club members
    school, organisation etc. 
  • If large group of people to invite – TALK TO US
    We will work with you to figure it out
    • Schedule an event. 
    • Get people to add to their calendar
    • Get them all to come together at once
    • Once in room – get people to nominate others into the app and club
    • Love idea of welcome rooms for clubs 

Club is a conversation series
Gonna get together and have a conversation 

Private Rooms

Private Rooms :
What are you thinking to improve private and social rooms?  

  • A lot of people using social rooms & private rooms
  • Social rooms
    • Set when creating room 
    • Only those you follow can join
    • All people you think are interesting
    • Much more intimate feel
    • If you add mods expands the room out more
    • More useful as you follow more people 
  • Improving experience
    • Let you know when people using them 
    • Easier to get started without leaving current room 
    • Ping people in
    • Very primitive right now. 

In coming weeks but not next release. 

Come join the team!

Communication & Questions Feature?

Would love Q&A chat feature to ask questions? 

  • DMs 
    Like idea but got to focus on doing it right
  • Submitting Questions
    SPAM Factor
    So need to think how to allow this without creating bad experience 
  • Open Chat feature 
    Unlikely to happen 

Requests To Join Stage - Do Not Disturb

Is there way to minimise when people request you to stage? 
Like a do not disturb mode? 

  • Currently tap Maybe Later on the notification
    This means not now, and most user will get it that it’s not convenient
  • Understand you may not want to reject person
  • Might look to add swipe away feature 

Feed & Filtering

Feed filtering – Seeing rooms in multiple languages, is there a way to see WHY I;’m seeing this room? SO I can filter my feed?  

  • Great suggestion 
  • Spending time on this today 

Event Details

Would be cool to see event details even after it starts.  
Can we include this? 

  • We want to do just not got to it yet. 

Where Followers Come From?

Follow source question
Would be good to see where they followed us from? 
Like to see how people came to find me 

  • Where they followed from would be messy 
  • Maybe we could look at topics of why they followed you? 
  • Rooms not tied to topic right now but inferred in topics and speakers


Streaming & Recording Rooms

Read someone was able to stream Clubhouse  to webpage  
What are you doing to prevent this from happening? 

  • Against terms of service and community guidelines
  • Stopped someone streaming all feed rooms
  • Anyone could record away from device so never 100% failsafe 
  • but adding more to safeguard 

Safeguarding Around Financials

What are you doing around safeguarding against financial scams 

  • In app first – not off app, official 
  • Clear guidelines around scams and misaligned to our values
  • Ways for us to detect ToS breeches 
  • Having great community reporting incidents
  • Money brings a different motivation 
  • Testing on a smaller group first to see new way people might use this & adapt accordingly
  • Got to pay specific attention to the potential and be thoughtful around this

Dangerous Conversations

Now app is growing around the world.
How will you detect dangerous conversations & rooms happening?  
Or even groups? 

  • Support for multiple languages
  • App is not localised in other languages
  • Stacking trust & Safety to support most popular languages 
  • Localising the UI – So those in room can report easier 
  • Building out international team – People fully focussed whats happening in various languages, creator languages, specific creator needs based on cultural needs etc. 

Safety & Mental Health Conversations

What are your thoughts around safety when it comes to mental health conversations?

  • We have seen a lot fo good in the app
  • Lots of wellness, therapy, mindfulness groups
  • Support communities without worry of what you or house looks like – audio serves that. 
  • Self Harm – How can we handle this is it happens in a room. 
    Prioritising with investigation team, but can we provide support to people in the room, and to help the person reported in the room 
  • Design focus around this in design side to make sure this happens effectively.  

Blocked Users, Rooms & Clubs

Can we see list of users we blocked / reported? 
And could we see rooms we muted to unblock them potentially? 

  • Working on design for this for people you have blocked
  • Capsule shows rooms speakers you blocked are appearing in
  • One level of undo for swiping away rooms – to keep simple
  • No plans to change 

Club Creation - IN APP

When did you say in app club creation would be rolled out?  

  • Had to think should we combine this with another feature with one off events? 
  • Then we can decide on when to ship this
    • Hopefully this week 
    • Possibly following week ( 75% confident )
  • Have to keep service up and scale without down time or issues above anything else! 

Room Sizes

Unlimited Rooms  – Seen rooms 6/7k rooms. 
What kind of events do you think you will support? 
Concerts / Press conferences. 

  • Currently 8.9k users in room 
  • Kevin heart pushed up to 5k — ‘Is Kevin Hart Funny room
  • Always testing infrastructure
  • 6 -7 -8k yesterday – want to scale to infinity 
  • As creator you should be able to control size of room 
    • Concerts
    • Musicals
    • Companies all hands
    • Sports games post game chats
    • Fireside conversations
    • Political events
    • Political rallies
    • Town halls
    • Elected officials
    • Those running for office
    • Conferences

Technology is all about moving friction 
We are always blown away by ways people use the platform 

With audio for decades we lived in teresrial radio with half dozen channels

then we got podcasting – We loved podcasting Paul & ROhan = discovery is hard – no interactivity, not participatory

Radio depends on it being live

  • Sports Shows
  • Call In Shows  

Can you make voice live & interactive, you can make it easier, and people will blow you away with their creativity. And real world events. 

Most excited for the usage cases we have not even thought of yet!! 

It’s so much fun!

Final Thoughts...

Technology is all about moving friction 
We are always blown away by ways people use the platform 

Can you make voice live & interactive, you can make it easier, and people will blow you away with their creativity. And real world events. 


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