Clubhouse Sun 7th Feb 2021

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news & your questions answered by the founders Paul Davison, Rohan Seth & the team from Clubhouse, at their weekly Town Hall

Hosted By

  • @Paul 
  • @Rohan
  • @Anu
  • @StephSimon 

6pm PT – New User Orientation 

This week the Clubhouse Town Hall was at FULL capacity with 5,000 people tuned in live and a number of relay rooms rebroadcasting the town hall so more people could listen in! 


Submit throughout the week & we will prioritise the most commonly asked questions. 

This Week On Clubhouse @StephanieSimon

  • This week felt like a walked into a bar joke; 
    Elon Musk, Lindzi Lohan, Takashi Murakami, Gerard Piqué & Kim Dot Com walked into a bar….. I mean Clubhouse
  • Good Times hosted the main room + 5 overflow rooms for Elon Musk who flipped the table and did an interview on Gamestop and what had happened over the last week with Vlad Tenev from Robinhood 
  • Without skipping a beat they then hosted the Facebook Exec team, Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, (Head of Facebook Reality Labs), Fidji Simo, (Head of Facebook app)  and a surprise appearance from Mark Zuckerburg himself – Who promised he would be back!
  • Art Club with Drue Kataoka
  • Advancement of women & girls with Tina Chen
  • Also Kelly Li of Bling Empire
  • Legacy of asian culture an creativity with Andrew Chen
  • The Authenticated Club hosted a masterclass in HUSSLE with Steve Rifkind, founder of chairman of Loud Records & SRC Records
  • 1st Feb World Hijab Day – Lots of women identifying as part of Musulima Club sharing stories about wearing Hijab, from discomfort to proudly wearing them.
  • 6th Feb Kat Kolar hosted chat with Adam Grant & Malcolm Gladwell Rethinking Everything
    Steph’s take away was 
    Our emotional reaction to things we should just consider them a first draft’
  • Felicia’s dinner party became the everyone’s Saturday night social engagement as we can’t do much during the pandemic to focus on FinTech and as Ben Horwitz put it
    ‘The extraordinary opportunity we all have right now which is our collective financial actions’
  • 6th Feb  Alexis Ohanian hosted a very playful AMA to welcome his wife Serina Williams to the platform until she had to ‘wrap it up and win a tournament’
  • This week was the first week of black history month and we were treated to a magnificent life projection of a raisin in the sun by Etienne Maurice out of Los Angeles
  • Our very own Noel Chestnut Whitmore hosted the queen Zendaya along with the director Sam Levinson in an intimate unpacking of their new film Malcolm & Marie as part of Netflix’s month-long focus on a strong black lead in film
  • Clubhouse will be hosting and supporting several conversations that really highlight the black community this whole month
  • Drew is going to be leading 24 hours of love with all proceeds from a telethon going to the Martin Luther King Center for non-violent social change
  • Happy Super Bowl Sunday -with several watch parties & some creative uses of what do we do when we’re all just waiting for the advertisements! Unless you are really into football. 
  • Clubhouse also want to reinforce that we’re just as excited about all the community rooms that come whether there’s a big name attached or not!


  • All efforts to scaling as we grow, with focus on performance and scaling.; 
    • Welcoming more people
    • Keeping the wheels on as we grow
    • Improving Discovery 
    • In Room Experience
  • Full Feature freeze this week and next!!
  • All hands on deck on performance 
  • Building out the team to work on the back end!!
  • Week after next is next release target (but is movable!)
    • One Off Events
    • Higher quality audio
    • Share links to rooms
    • Accessibility
  • Our current featured user is getting longer than expected run as the app icon!! 


Discovery & Navigation

Option to jump to time block 
Option to jump to rooms hosted by person / clubs 

  • Totally agree 
  • Can tap header to get to get to ‘Events for you
  • Topic directory & clubs more accessible means we have want to refresh club pages and user profiles. 
  • Want to make more prominent. 
  • Hiring client engineers & designers 
  • Building out discovery team to make ranking better & more info in preview and club itself. 
  • Do clubs want to show history – to provide more metadata? 

Feed to be filtered by language

Feed and rooms to be filtered by languages.

  • UI not localised 
  • All Ui is in English ATM 
  • Graph works well filtered by following & introductions. 
  • What should we bake in – How do we work out languages people want to see & what they speak / what room language is? 
  • Look at user settings? 
  • Allow users to select languages? 
  • Could infer language of main speaker, but this is faulty because of other speakers etc- but allowing host to set the language?
  • Excited to refine in future!

Links to Profiles / Clubs / Rooms / Events

Could we link people direct to profile / clubs ?

  • Rooms / Profiles / Calendar events / Clubs – should be direct linkable. 
  • We want to build this and look at the we view and deep-linking / download the apps etc. 
  • Really important! 
  • Links to rooms should be visible in the rooms in NEXT RELEASE 
  • Links to upcoming events in calendar already in the calendar
  • Rooms up next 
  • Profiles & clubs after that

Room Recall

Requesting pinning rooms, or ability to go back to room I was in or interested in? 

  • Want to understand this usage better 
  • You can currently swipe away events / rooms you don’t like 
  • In future this will be focussed on us understanding why you hide it and to improve your suggestions. 
  • In a room – browsing the feed – stays at the bottom. 
  • Need to think more about people pinning other rooms to the top. 
  • Start with back button – as makes more sense. 
  • Possibly history of rooms visited? 
  • Not in next few weeks but great feedback!

Recording on Clubhouse

Can I use Clubhouse to broadcast my podcast live

  • Philosophy
    • Content is ephemeral – miss it miss out! 
    • Live makes it special & different
  • creator first  – person who started the room. We try to prioritise you, who’s in the room, the flow etc. 
  • ToS say you are not allowed to record – WITHOUT the permission of all others in the room! If the speakers allow, it’s fine! 
  • Not built into app right now.
  • Discussed this about adding to the room, and the automated nature of showing and people agreeing.
  • Not 100% this is right way to do it
  • Could change nature of the conversation – People will speak differently. Less urgency if on the platform. Would you listen back? 
  • A lot of resources from community on how you can do it better & as long as you have permission. 

Getting started - Green Rooms?

We need a green room feature. For the speakers to get together before room goes live! 

  • We want to prioritise notifications to the speakers / co-hosts as closed room until you open it up. 
  • Will be coming

Increasing room sizes? Or Breakout rooms?

More rooms hitting 5k+ are you planning to increase limit / breakout rooms – maybe followers can create breakouts to extend the audio out? 

  • Looking to increase 5k – to infinite
  • Capped for performance right now
  • Looking to increase as we scale 
  • Pre & Post rooms mirrors the real world of events – for discussions. 
  • Interested to add to product to facilitate this. 
  • How to allow discussion of the content – as it happens, with audio ducking etc. – Will be good feature but not highest priority yet. 

Room size capping?

Would you consider a room size capping limit? To keep rooms small and intimate?

  • YES – love the idea! 
  • It’s very in keeping with what Clubhouse is about
  • Can set rooms ;
    • Social rooms : only people you follow, not who follow you, can see or join the room. Same for other mods followings. More friends of friends vibes. 
    • Club rooms 
    • Public rooms 

Room moderation

Moderating – Want to be able to decline when someone adds me as moderator. Can we add this? 

  • First version had no mods – all on stage could invite others up to stage
  • Mods added – Only one who can add people to stage 
  • Designed for 1/2 mods per room, to help manage the room
  • We should accept when made a mod – for a number of reasons
  • Misconception & Myth : Modding does not increase number of notifications to the room for others
  • Not good use of the Mod feature : Mod someone else as show of respect to recognise / thank them 
  • Be thoughtful about moderator badges!
  • ‘The Green Bean’

‘ The best rooms are ones without many moderators’ 

Hogging the mic / Lack of conversation

Clubhouse should do something about people who hog the mic? What could you do to help with this? 

  • Challenge that rooms not well managed face
  • Down to the owner of the room / mods to mange the room under ‘creator first’
  • Best we can do is to provide resources & tools to become best moderators, and we have done new user guides
  • We should not dictate how long people can talk
  • No absolute limits

Muting a room?

Muting yourself in app is possible, but like to mute the conversation in the room, so you can step away quickly – can we do this? 

  • Not going to add this as could cause confusion 
  • Can use audio of the devise to sop chat room 


What can we expect tipping experience to look like? 
Could this break the dynamic and social norms? 

  • Want to add in features to allow creators to earn from the conversations they create on the app
  • Actively working on this in the app –
    • Subscriptions 
    • Paid events 
    • Tipping
      Could this affect room experience, so be thoughtful on details and roll out slowly and iterate accordingly. Pick test group and understand the behaviours to test and roll our more broadly. 100% choice for creators choice to have on or off. 
      • Is this public / private?
      • Does the person know in moment?
      • Payment to room / specific speaker?
      • Should this show elsewhere or be hidden? 
    • Brand sponsorships  

Bringing brands to the platform

Brands – Been approached – Rules on them joining as brand and having them sponsoring the chats and rooms? 

  • Real identity service – so use real name 
  • Can add creator alias – change ONCE if publicly known as something else
  • Brands should start club, and host great conversations 
  • It’s about people, so start clubs and host rooms with real people in the conversations. 


Blind people using screen-reading on iPhone – and lots of buttons don’t have labels on features, Could you add text labels so we know what buttons do? 

  • Working on this & fixes in next release
    • Looking at colour contrasts
    • Captioning 
    • Want all accessibility features to be robust before rolling out

We always want to go faster. 

Town Hall is how we develop these ideas. 


How has your thinking changed around clubs? 

  • Clubhouse v1.0 was a single club with friends and family testing with us
  • Ideal is to build for everyone – enlisting community to create diverse and inclusive space.
  • How people have been using Clubs
    • Event Series – Club is the overarching, rooms as regular conversations
    • Community – Common interest, all want to talk about topic, not hosted and listening – lost as equals who have various chats – lots more meetings. 
    • Private Organisations – for non published member lists and private conversations. 
  • Added topic directory to discover clubs based on topics. 
  • Where clubs can go – excited for bigger communities.
    Where lots of people can start rooms, but have 5/10 rooms happening at the same time, under broader community. with 1000s members, and base level of trust. Women in business is a great example of this – Similar to the real world.
  • Love the idea of being able to learn more about the members, see what has happened in the past and what’s coming up, maybe even an application process to join the club 
  • Want it to feel like the Club has it’s own space, but got to look at the navigation of this in the app. 
  • Can then scale and keep it really human still
  • Excited to invest in clubs and see how we can improve the clubs

Can’t create in the app right now!
Clubhouse are working on speeding up this process

Hopefully in 2 releases time : Club creation added into the app – natively!!


Clubhouse is about people!
It’s nothing without the amazing people in the rooms right now.
We’re listening to your feedback and working to ship these features as quickly as possible

Clubhouse Are Still

Android App Q

  • Yes it’s coming…
  • Desperately looking for android engineers right now!!

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