Clubhouse Sun 31st Jan 2021

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All the latest bug fixes, updates, news & your questions answered by the founders Paul Davison, Rohan Seth & the team from Clubhouse, at their weekly Town Hall

Hosted By

  • @Paul 
  • @Rohan
  • @Anu
  • @StephSimon 


Submit throughout the week & we will prioritise the most commonly asked questions. 

This Week On Clubhouse

  • Big surge of new user in Japan
  • The first Holocaust survivor Sami Steigmann  joined the platform on Holocaust Remembrance Day with Adam Swig 
  • Drue Kataoka & Art Club hosted Tina Tchen – Former Chief of Staff to MichelleObama & CEO TIMESUP – About the advancement of women and girls
  • Amidst the upending of the traditional markets , thanks to a subreddit /WallStreeetBetsShriram & RT scooped traditional media hosting a very coveted conversation with REDDIT CEO Steve Huffman 
  • ‘The Devil You Know’ book discussion with author Charles Blow – Made case for black migration in the US – Hosted by Baratunde Thurston
  • Designer Christina Mallon hosted a great conversation on design for disability, covering how and why we should be more compassionate in the language we use discussing disabilities people can’t see.
  • The Black Beauty Club discussed Skincare  for women and men. 
  • The NBA is official in the house, with NBA Courtside, hosting a ‘watch party’ last night. [ More people in the room than in the garden! Historic moment!
  • Binance‘s CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao – holding court on Clubhouse from the world’s largest crypto-currency trading platform. 


Working on a lot of performance and hiring, in line with community growth, so release discussed will now be next week. 


  • More fixes for trolling
    • ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY (Removed forever)
    • Added feature for audience to report
    • Making easier for anyone to report and make better for everyone
  • Testing higher quality audio
    • @Rohan testing spacial audio 
    • Looking to increase the bitrate
    • Testing 
  • More Links
    • Adding links to rooms, so you can share them away from Clubhouse for people to find easily. 
    • Fixing some bugs with deep-linking, where wasn’t bringing people to room
  • Better support for one-off events. 
    • Helping new communities coming to the platform to find the event they joined for, without the overwhelm.
    • Pinned event at top of feed
    • See who else has RSVPed fo the event 
  • Celebrating Black History Month 
    • Recognising the role black creators play in Clubhouse Community


Translation of Town Hall

Would it be possible to get the town hall translated?
Users also offering to help translate this for Clubhouse

  • Need to consider how to scale into many languages.
  • We want to consider how would you open ALL rooms to all languages.
  • Automatic translation is getting good but not quite there yet for real time. 
  • Open to community translating the Town Hall in Recap Shows
  • Also important to consider
    • How do we collect questions from people in other questions?
    • Also asynchronous translation for trust & safety (already underway)

Adding a calendar for clubs?

Could we get specific Club calendar?

  • You can already see in calendar your upcoming events and ones in clubs you run too. 
  • On club page – we should show upcoming events the club is hosting. 
  • We think it’s interesting to show past rooms from Clubs & but looking at what data would we show?
  • In topic view it’s a very crude ranking – currently takes active clubs and shows them randomised to people under that topic.
  • Need to consider what makes it good to follow a club?
    • Number of rooms? 
    • Number of members that attend each session? 
    • Retention Rate of the rooms?
    • Size of rooms? 
    • Also how do you not allow for this to be GAMED?- so they remain real and authentic & how to you personalise it? Maybe retention rate of the people you follow in the club?  

We are aware that scrolling forward in calendar is hard to do right now and want to improve this. 

User Profiles

  • Individual user profiles only show small image of clubs they are in
    We need to improve!
  • What is their role in the club? 
  • We should show any future events you are hosting on your user profile 

How can users help refine algorithm?

Could we contribute any way to this to help you understand what we do and don’t like from curated content and shown to us? Maybe thumbs up / down? 

  • Thought about this in rooms in feed // people  follow suggestions showed to you // Club follow 
  • If you are looking at feed you can swipe and hide a room.
    This is because they are there for long period of time, so would see over and over again. So you don’t need to see it over and over. 
  • Maybe we could give additional notes on WHY it wasn’t interesting to you when you swipe?
    • ‘Do you want to unfollow this club / the owner of the club?’
    • Or prioritise it less in the feed for you.
  • Should we reduce it or remove it all together? 

Implicit signals 

  • If there is something from club you are in – do you go and join? 

Upcoming for you curation

  • People you follow
  • Small subset of followers of your follows 

Hoping that clubs you follow and topics would help us show better. 
Could we surface  more meta data from rooms / clubs to help refine this? 
We are hoping room links will make things more discoverable too!

Working to build out a Discovery Team

Focussed on working out ; 

  • Suggestions for people to follow 
  • Suggestions for clubs to follow 
  • Rooms to show you int he feed 
  • What notifications to send / not send you 

Includes machine learning & back end & allowing users to give us feedback to help us improve. 

Topic Directory

Currently a very crude ranking
Shows active clubs and shows them randomised to people under that topic. 

What metrics could we show to help you decide on what is a good club? 

  • How many rooms they have hosted? 
  • Retention rates? 
  • Retention rates of those you follow in the club? [ More Personalised 

How can I filter rooms that are in a language I don't speak / have interest in?

  • No current language filtering.
  • Based only on the people you follow, through social graph atm.
  • Doesn’t pull from the device or anything – but seems to be working quite well already.
  • Concern with pulling from phone is that users may speak multiple languages. 

When considering rooms : 

  • How do we look at rooms dominant language?
  • Probably have to look at a selection of languages you want to see
  • Maybe look to use default from phone setting but allow to update.
  • Could look at in app language setting from speakers / room owner – as a start point?
  • May overcomplicate to add defining the language of the room – so consideration needed around this.
  • Let team know the issues you face with languages.
    When patterns emerge we can resolve! 

Changes To Rooms

Because topics change and languages may be a consideration, we need to have some form of attribution as to who changed topic / language and when, so that it is clear there has been a change show both in room and feed to hold accountable and protect all users. 

Recording Rooms?

Is it on the Roadmap?
Will there be an API to export automatically 

  • We consider the platform to be ‘creator first’ 
  • Anyone can be a creator – you started it, you are in control, so how you want to use it
  • NOTE : It’s against ToS unless all speakers consent

Things we need to consider in this part of the build ; 

  • If we build recording – Does it change the conversation?
  • Is it more sterile and loses the real conversation!
  • We would always want to be Default to OFF!


Following // Follow Graph

Can I unfollow people who don’t follow me back, so I only have mutual follows

  • Follow if you think people’s content is interesting.
    Don’t follow for following sake. 


  • Setup to speak only to people YOUR follow
  • Then it’s all people you REALLY want to see & talk to! 

We are looking at ways to enter rooms and decide ; 

  • I am not available to come to stage 
  • Not to notify all people who follow you


  • Ping was designed to bring one person who you know would love the room, not to ping all in! 
  • This is curated from 


  • This would allow us to share off platform to get lots into a room 

Social Rooms

  • Setup to speak only to people YOUR follow
  • Then it’s all people you REALLY want to see & talk to! 

We are looking at ways to enter rooms and decide ; 

  • I am not available to come to stage 
  • Not to notify all people who follow you

User Lists

Not sure we want this 

  • Ping feature was designed to bring one person who you know would love the room, not to ping all in! 
  • The shared link we are adding would help you bring a group to a room en masse.This would allow us to share off platform to get lots into a room 

Rating / Feedback Speakers

  • Idea to give feedback on speakers to host, as they leave.
  • Got to be careful not to distract from the conversation.
  • Need to be thoughtful ways to give feedback / encouragement.
  • Is it one type / multiple feedback – and is it one off / long term?
  • Help to targeting and curing better in future. 

Can we text in questions?

  • This is on our minds – More on this soon

Max Number Moderators?

  • In our opinion, you should never have room with 50 mods!! But people do
  • We decided that we have to let the market decide!
  • Has it become status symbol?
  • How do we manage this better? 

Android App Q

  • Yes it’s coming…
  • Desperately looking for android engineers right now!!

Users having multiple presence in the app?

  • Got to consider different usage cases.
  • Some good, but not so good when people only using to gain more followers.
  • Not great for users because of social graph.
  • Not good for community. 

Reporting Trolls

Anything more to help report them?
More tools to help with this. 

Hand raise queues – developing more to help you see more of their clubs, bios, profiles and pics to prevent people getting to stage.


Tap and hold face of person – remove from room, and report them in one move!! 
Tap their photo – and get buttons to report / remove 
Ellipsis Top Right to report 

Reporting room titles

  • Reporting from hallway is something actively being discussed & looking to detect better automatically. 
  • Agreed this shouldn’t have to be a room you enter to report. 

App Moderation

Do you stand to get banned from app stores based on open discussions – for example on political side, where other apps got banned? 

  • Strictly no blame, racism etc – 100% against ToS – taking swift action on this each and every time. 
  • Don’t think we are at risk. 

User Status

Could we choose if people could see us online?

  • Sidebar – This is mutual follow only!
  • Interested to understand what is the reason for this, so we can address it best.
  • HIGH LEVEL – YES, but with deeper understanding .
  • Would ‘just listening mode’ or ‘enter quietly’ solve this? 

Deaf User Feedback

What are you looking at for making the app more accessible to those who are hearing impaired? 

User is currently 

Using Screen Reader In App

Opening Chats 

Playing Into Google Meets, 

TurnIng On Automated Closed Captioning

Able To Take Part

  • We are very interested to add this to product
  • More accessibility is included in the next release

International Music Industry Conversations


How to keep conversations alive & relevant to users.

  • Social graph is good start but not sufficient for as we grow.
  • Adding more to the Topics
  • We want to show you to things outside the topics you see to discover NEW things.
  • More explore options are important to us, to bring more diversity.

Clubhouse is nothing without the community

Humbled to have such a great user base and want to make it bets possible experience 

  • New User Orientation Wed 6pm PT 
  • Anyone can join 
  • Town Hall Sun 9am PT 

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